FOX Sports to kick off NRL Dream

biYet another sports talent hunt, NRL Dream, is to launch on pay television, this time on FOX Sports.

The 14 part series, as reported by the Daily Telegraph, will offer a $100,000 contract with either the Dragons, Roosters, Cowboys, Knights or Titans next March.

Players aged from 17 to 25 will be sought around the country and in PNG.

NRL coaches Wayne Bennett, Brian Smith, Neil Henry and John Cartwright will appear as judges, along with former State of Origin players Ben Ikin (pictured), Paul Harragon, Gorden Tallis and veteran winger Wendell Sailor.

FOX8 already broadcasts Football Superstar which searches for an A-League champion. So the next question is when the AFL will join the fray…

Source: Daily Telegraph


    • You need to remember I don’t have time to check up every fact that readers claim to be true. Given sport isn’t the focus of this site it also isn’t something I know verbatim. Even in the case of Matthew Newton recently people were writing things that were not in sync with the findings of the court. Perception and comment does not always match fact. Hence “straying” into areas of defamation puts a comment into a grey area. I’m not seeking to play gatekeeper on comments, but these kinds of comments usually mean it will be delayed or edited.

      Please also note html links are not approved in comments as per Comments Policy.

  1. Perhaps they can save the women beating for the AFL types.

    I wonder if this will be edited. Seems any NRL bagging comments are allowed to go through but I have had previous comments edited when it comes to AFL.

    • Yes I have edited. If you include names in the same sentence as “women beating” like that you should expect them to come under extra scrutiny. It’s not about the code. I could care less. If you stray into areas of defamation then expect them to be edited. Pure and simple.

  2. It doesn’t mean I agree with them. If they had mentioned any specific names they would not have been published.

    This year NRL has lost a lot of faith from the public due to several incidents, so all the online forums are getting comments that reflect that, and this site is one of them. Go to any newspaper, media or sports site and you will see the same mix. The best thing to counteract is exactly what you’ve done -give a contrasting opinion.

  3. David, I must say I’m rather surprised you allowed these domestic violence comments to be published.

    Some of these comments are very Alexander Downer-esque.

    I am a fan of the NRL and see it as a positive thing that kids will be able to learn more about The Greatest Game Of All and get a possible career out of it.

    The vast majority of NRL players do not have issues with domestic violence, drugs, etc.

  4. I really think Soccer and and in particular the Rugby codes,are getting a bit desperate now as they are starting to feel the pinch from the AFL.Go Cats!

  5. America’s News Corporation getting some good synergies out of this one. (News Corp ownership expressed as a percentage for each asset)
    A reality show based on News Corp NRL (50%) reported as news in the Daily Telegraph (100%) and presumably other papers such as The Courier Mail (100%) Drawing fans to watch the show on Fox Sports (50%) and promoted on Foxtel (25%) helping drive up subscriptions in economic tough times.

  6. Humm.. Daily Telegraph, Fox Sports, Foxtel, NRL all in the same bed together. Now why isn’t that surprising given all are either owned by News Corp or News Corp have a significant shareholding.

    What is does mean, is the story is true and the show will go ahead

  7. Ugh, because what Australia really needs is more exposure for Wendell Sailor, the king of media tarts. Would probably watch it if I had Fox Sports though.

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