Last day for All Saints

asToday is the final day of shooting for All Saints.

After 11 years of production, and 12 seasons, the Seven medical soap films its final scene.

Despite previous press stories that suggested it had stopped rolling on August 15th, Seven confirmed to TV Tonight yesterday that its final scenes will be filmed today at its Emergency Department set at Epping Studios. Final pick-up scenes were not locked in until this week.

When it confirmed the end in July, Seven Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner said: “All Saints is a show which viewers and Seven have loved. However, an audience shift and increased production costs are behind this decision.

“The cast and crew deserve the highest admiration and respect for what they have achieved. All Saints has made a significant contribution to the rich history of Australian drama.”

The soap will remain on screens until the end of the year.

Congrats to all the cast and crew!


  1. Love this show. Just started in the UK.One of my favourite soaps.The episode when Mitch died was very moving.Good luck to everyone involved. best wishes Joyce thorne

  2. At least that is one less hour of Medical Programming a week over at Channel 7.If you included Scrubs,Greys Anatomy and Private Practice as well that worked out to four hours a week.
    They could use any of the medical programmes I have mentioned for a Tuesday Night I know it won’t be the same

  3. After watching some of the repeats during the day, All Saints has definitely lost its spark from the good ol days.

    Sad to see it go, but its format and direction has been poor for a couple seasons now, topped off by the addition of the MRU.

  4. @JM The first five seasons were released on DVD between 2005 and 2007. The 2007 and 2008 seasons are due out next month and can already be pre-ordered.

  5. Its about time the DVDs came out….. i have been waiting years for them….. this is a show i would buy… and sevens policy of only putting the most recent episode on there website is stupid…. i went away for a couple of weeks and the PVR failed on one occasion and instead of being able to watch it i was stuck with a stupid highlights package that went for about 5 mins…. no wonder bittorrent is so popular…. and seven did u ever think that maybe chopping and changing the start time of the show was maybe a reason for a “an audience shift” and adding the “MRU” aspect was always going to “increased production costs”…. surely u guys arent that dumb

  6. I love All Saints, from the early days in Ward 17, to the ED, and even these current MRU eps are great. Will be missed. Must admit Im not an avid every week viewer, but when I have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, I do indulge!! R.I.P All Saints…..David surely you havent just given away the ultimate spoiler for hardcore fans?

  7. @ catherine – I notice that the 2007 and 2008 seasons of All Saints are actually being released on DVD as individual Box Sets in about three weeks!

  8. Farewell All Saints. I will miss you. Im going to miss all the characters and tuesday nights won’t be the same. You stuffed this up channel 7 when you bought in the MRU storyline. Thanks to a great 12 seasons. Just make sure you bring them out on DVD.

  9. It was a great show but too many changes this year,i lost interest.A very good run for a very good show.Channel 9 take note re:Rescue Special Operations.

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