Magda: Loser host “won’t be me”

magdaMagda Szubanski has poured cold water on some media reports that speculated she could be the next host of The Biggest Loser.

“There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that I will be the host or appearing on The Biggest Loser,” Szubanski said.

Szubanski, who will host The Spearman Experiment for TEN, recently lost 26kg in a deal with weight loss company Jenny Craig.

TV Tonight recently whispered the rumour that swimmer Hayley Lewis’ name was being associated with the show which seemed to revive questions in the future host by other media.

Source: The Australian / AAP


  1. Can I just point out that Ajay was actually a comedian/author (though amittedly I’ve never seen her do stand-up) and the original US host Caroline Rhea was also a comedian/actress, current US host Alison Sweeney is an actress. Why shouldn’t we have someone with similar credentials???

  2. No i’m not fat john, only issue I have is I don’t find self deprecating humour that funny.

    I have no problem with large people. Lisa Lampanelli is a larger women and she is hilarious.

    It’s not just fat comedians, ethnic comedians, anyone with a disability who bases their whole act on ragging on themselves.

    This is only my opinion, I’m not trying to change people’s mind about who they enjoy, I just wanted to find out what people like about them.

  3. I laugh at people who i find funny.Just beacause you may be of larger size than others is neither here nor there for me.I find Magda genuinely funny in her delivery.I do not even think of what she looks like.If i don’t ike the peformance i don’t watch.
    You obviously have an issue Steve,are you a larger person?If so & you have problems,do as Magda did recently.These girls have used their size to their advantage sometimes but not all the time.There have been numerous skinny performers who have done the same.Do you have an issue with that?You must remember they are actors.acting.

  4. They both made a career from self deprecating fat jokes. Weight has a lot to do with the issue.

    What I don’t understand is why people find it funny.

    Is it because you feel more comfortable laughing at the fat girl making the comments you were already thinking?

  5. Steve,you are obviously a minority when it comes to your opinion.Magda has been on our screens for some 25 years now,so she must be doing something right.Rebel while nowhere near as established or for me as funny has also carved out a nice little career.Pizza anyone?”Oh my god,Habib!”
    Why weight should even come into the issue is ludicrous.

  6. Don’t you think you were a little harsh there, Steve? Anyway, she’s not fat anymore.
    Now she’s just another plain old, garden-variety comic genius and accomplished actress.

  7. I doubt Ten would have even asked her. She’s a comedian, and would not suit the drawn out drama of Biggest Loser. You would feel like you were watching a parody of the show with Magda hosting.
    The Spearman Experiment sounds more like her type of show.

  8. Contestant makes sense but as host? No way.

    I have never understood the careers of Magda or Rebel Wilson, what is it about fat, unfunny women that Australians find so appealing?

  9. ofcourse she wont host it I cant believe this rumour even circulated, as if someone who is as highly regarded as Magda (her Q scores are through the roof I believe) was ever going to host a reality TV show…geez…TEN should think themself lucky they got her for this other new show of theirs.

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