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houseThey say in television that when you ‘jump the shark’ you are no longer making the same show you started out with. That’s what happened when Fonzie water skiied over a shark (literally) in the laer years of Happy Days.

Next season in House, Dr. Gregory House could be spending quite a bit of time in a psychiatry ward, as a patient. It remains to be seen for how long. It’s certainly a very interesting premise, but is it the show we all started out watching?

And while House is in many ways just a cop show where the crims are a disease, we loved its early years when it was just him and his team of three. These days they are barely visible.

Here’s the trailer for the next season.


  1. I’ve recently gotten on the House bandwagon and watched the first 5 seasons while laying around after an op.

    I have to say, something like this *had* to happen, and as others say, they may just manage to pull it off. If they’re lucky.

  2. Looks fantastic! Time will tell, but by the trailer it looks like a fresh perspective for the show. House has always hinted at the nasty docs questionable mental state, seems to me like a natural next step. I like it. Looking forward to it.

  3. FYI

    the girl he is seen snogging is actress Franka Potente who cam to fame in Run Lola Run and the went onto the Bourne Films (well the 1st two)

    i may watch just to see her

  4. S6 looks very impressive – it looks like it has more direction than it has in recent years and doesn’t follow the same procedural-style every episode that became very very predictable. If TEN promote the new season right House may re-gain a lot of the viewers its lost recently.

  5. Weird. I only watch for Hugh Laurie/House (oh and Wilson) anyway, so as long as he is still there, I’ll be happy. Does this mean no more Thirteen? Hallelujah!

  6. Looks interesting all the same and at least the show is called House MD and even in the asylum it is still about House, so I will wait and see (I put up with and enjoyed the deviation Prison Break took, so you know cannot be critical here), they should do a cross-over with Bones and bring Stephen Fry in as Dr. Gordon Wyatt (or Gordon Gordon) to interview House.

  7. Actually jumping the shark is when a fading hit tries a gimmick (such as fonzie and the shark) to lift ratings such as the recent stunt by Desperate Housewives. And yes the show is never the same again.

    This is not a stunt but a natural evolution of a great show which we can’t expect to stay the same forever. Foreman has always been around while Chase and especially Cameron have seen greater air time recently.

    S6 could be one of the best IMHO.

  8. It’s either going to be a genius reinvention, if they pull it off, or the makings of a coffin if they don’t. It certainly looks an interesting and bold enough act by the creative team to make me want to at least give it a go.

  9. No it hasn’t, I like the clip/promo/trailer and it could bring life back into the show, but that said I doubt they will leave him there long without something form the rest of the cast.

    Can’t wait but the question is will TEN fast track it this time?

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