Week 35


1 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Nine 1,230,000 2 Seven News Seven 1,217,000 3 Australia's Funniest Home Videos Nine 1,021,000 4 ABC News ABC1 914,000 5 Nine News Nine 860,000

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  1. Interesting that Before The Game rates 25,000 more people watching than the game of Football that follows it, guess the majority of the 153,000 people that turned off in Melbourne went over to Fox Sports to watch Port vs Kangaroos instead of staying for the Lions vs Swans match.

  2. No offence intended, none taken PD. I will admit to being a League tragic, but no one’s perfect. I wish I had the gift of prescience that enables others to predict with certainty where the various networks will be one to two years from now. One thing you could bet on I reckon is, if Nine hasn’t gone into receivership there will always be 2.5 Men to watch after the Olympics.

  3. Hey Tom Morgan, by 2010/2011, the new things your talking about which nine is trying (don’t know what you mean) will not be new anymore. I can’t see any network standing still for that long just because they might be winning the ratings now.
    It does suggest to me that because you adore 2.5 men, you have seen all the episodes so many times and you still don’t get it. Maybe thats what the problem is, 2.5 fans are all just a bit slow to catch on.

  4. @JM & @Trev, my bad. I take back what I said about the Brisbane games.

    I wasn’t actually claiming that the AFL does rate in “Eastern states” (even though last time I checked Victoria was an Eastern state) I’m just saying comparing the two games is pointless.

  5. @ PD. The two Sydney teams were game 1 in Sydney, but the Briz teams were game 1 in Briz. 327,000 watched the league, not 143,000. That was the mob that watched the 2nd match between Parra & Penrith in Brisbane sometime after 9:30pm. Sorry mate AFL simply does not rate in the two eastern states…. Now lets get back to more important things.

  6. @PD – Broncos/Cowboys had a figure of 327,000 in Bris…. your getting your games confused.

    In Brisbane Game 1 (Live) was Broncos/Cowboys
    Game 2 (Delayed) was Eels/Panthers

    In Sydney the games are switched

  7. It’s good nine is starting to make a comeback. I applaud them for trying new things and not putting boring american shows on (except 2.5 men). in 2010 or 2011, viewers will get bored of seven and explore new things, and nine will be there. Even thought homeMade and APC were flops, at least its not 2.5 men.
    Seven, watch your ratings plummet in 2010

  8. Trev, I don’t think you can really compare the 72,000 for the Swans Saturday game vs. 384,000 for the Eels/Panthers Friday night NRL match. You’ve got a not so stellar Swans outfit playing in a game that has no bearings on the finals vs. a pair of western Sydney rivals duking it out for a spot in the eight.

    To be fair though in Brisbane on Friday night the Broncos/Cowboys only pulled 143,000 while on Saturday in the AFL the Lions pulled 110,000 – when all three Queensland teams were playing for positions in the eight.

  9. Earthquake… the afl is only shown in sydney and bris on friday at 11.30.. so realistically it’s a bit unfair to compare with the nrl figures.. plus it was a nothing game with no bearing on finals… also good to see that brisbane viewers split the football code audience share with the rugby pulling the same figure as the afl last night.. the afl making inroads perhaps???

  10. Great ratings for the live NRL match on Friday night, considering it was shown in only two capital cities it beat the AFL shown in all capital cities.

    David, do you know if the Eels/Panthers game was shown in Brisbane or was it the Broncos/Cowboys game?

  11. i would think that 7pm project would grab atleast 850,000 next thur with the announcement of 5 celeb contestants. the celebs that have been chosen are prob high profile ones since so many have been puttng their hands up including from other networks

  12. TEN actually had a comparatively (and surprisingly) decent share on yesterday, thanks to Nanny McPhee repeating well. Neighbours’ ratings also seem better than they normally do for Fri. But 7PM still lost a huge chunk off it. Pity because I think the Friday’s editions sans Hughesy are pretty good – Kim Watkins was a good addition. And as always fantastic ratings for BH&G, giving Seven another share close to 30.

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