60 Minutes: May 12

Former US Marine pilot fighting extradition to the US over military secrets, plus Elon Musk & Tesla.

On Sunday’s 60 Minutes the former US Marine pilot fighting extradition to the US over military secrets.

Patriot Games
Who is the real Daniel Edmund Duggan? It’s a simple question, but the answer is highly contested and has enormous consequences. For his family and a large group of supporters, he’s a hero. A former U.S. Marine fighter pilot turned proud Australian citizen; a loving husband and devoted dad. For others though, namely the United States government, he’s a traitor, accused of supplying China with top-secret military information. For the past 19 months, Duggan has been sitting in Australian prisons fighting attempts to send him back to the United States. As Dimity Clancey reports, a decision about his extradition is expected within weeks, but if the Americans get a hold of him and can prove the allegations, he faces up to 65 more years locked up. It’s a thought his wife Saffrine and six children are struggling to comprehend.
Reporter: Dimity Clancey
Producer: Lisa Brown

Elon Musk’s Crash Course
For all of his futuristic vision and entrepreneurial drive, billionaire Elon Musk’s bold mission to build a fully autonomous car is stalling. His company Tesla is facing increasingly serious questions about the safety of its self-driving technology. A major investigation by a U.S. regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has linked Tesla’s autopilot feature to hundreds of crashes, many of them fatal. NHTSA says drivers have been lulled into a false sense of security about the cars that isn’t matched by reality. And it gets worse. There are also accusations that Musk and Tesla talked up the self-driving capabilities of the vehicles so much that they may have committed fraud by misleading investors and consumers.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producers: Garry McNab, Emma Schwartz

Giant Leap
It’s important to be reminded that sometimes what we think is impossible isn’t. Fourteen years ago David Mzee suffered terrible spinal injuries after an accident on a trampoline. He was told he’d be a wheelchair-dependent paraplegic for the rest of his life. That was news David didn’t want to hear, so he didn’t listen. All he wanted was to walk again. And as he shows Adam Hegarty, with much perseverance and great help from a lot of very smart people, he now does.
Reporter: Adam Hegarty
Producer: Sammi Taylor

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. It’s curious that someone who built a company called Spacex, and who dominates the space industry right now would have difficulty building a self driving car, but then again some of Tesla’s latest EV truck designs do look like something a well known toy brick company would design. Mr. Musk’s EV car empire is deflating a bit, and as a free tip maybe he should leave American politics well alone.

    1. Another “free” tip…for Musk…maybe he should leave implanting one of his Neurolink brain chips into a human…..especially when the mini threads starts to detach from the brain….as in the case of Noland Arbaugh…but the upside….unlike his SpaceX rockets that catch fire and blow up…and his Tesla cars that malfunction and have a recall….. it did not endanger Nolan’s life or anyone else’s with its decreased capacity…Nolan praised it but stated he had run into issues with the chip…the good news is he was still able to play chess via computer even though there was a delay in signals.

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