9Now adds 60 Minutes FAST channel

Nine current affairs stories now available 24 / 7 on a dedicated free stream.

9Now has launched a 60 Minutes FAST channel screening current affairs stories, curated into 24/7 programming.

A FAST channel is Free Ad Supported Television where the viewer simply watches the content in pre-determined scheduling, rather than selecting episodes on demand.

Kirsty Thomson, Executive Producer, said: “Our commitment to delivering Australia’s finest journalism remains unwavering. With the launch of 60 Minutes Australia 24/7, viewers now have the opportunity to access our investigations whenever they want, reaffirming the enduring relevance and impact of our reporting.”

“This marks a significant milestone for 60 Minutes, highlighting the everlasting connection it maintains with its audience.”

Update: The FAST channel will draw upon 12 years of stories, and will slowly digitise more archival stories dating back across its 45 years.

From unearthing timeless stories about significant world events to exposing the misconduct of public figures, 60 Minutes Australia 24/7 offers an extensive library of heart-pounding investigations and thought-provoking interviews, which showcase the program’s never-ending commitment to producing the very best television reporting.

As Australia’s leading current affairs program and a long-cherished Sunday night tradition, 60 Minutes is now complemented by its 24/7 channel on 9Now. It cements 60 Minutes as the nation’s go-to destination for news beyond the headlines, anytime.

Led by distinguished journalists including Liz Hayes, Tara Brown, Nick McKenzie, Amelia Adams, Dimity Clancey, and Adam Hegarty, this award-winning program has shaped perspectives and sparked conversations since it was first broadcast on the 9Network in February 1979. 60 Minutes Australia 24/7 enables viewers to delve into the program’s rich history of compelling stories, featuring both past and present reporters who have contributed to the show’s impressive legacy.

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  1. So Good & Cool..

    They Should Now Also have,
    The Footy Show NRL & AFL.
    Hey Hey It’s Saturday.
    Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.
    The Block.
    Travel Guides.
    Among Many Others, but Start off with This.
    Thanks Channel 9..

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