60 Minutes: April 7

This Sunday, Caroline Kennedy, the United States Ambassador to Australia enters the Shitbox Rally.

On 60 Minutes Caroline Kennedy, the United States Ambassador to Australia enters the Shitbox Rally.

Trial and Terror
They are statistics that could not be more damning: One in five women in Australia over the age of 15 has experienced sexual violence. Yet only 13 per cent of sexual assaults are ever reported. But then the numbers get even worse. Few of the cases that are reported make it to court, and even fewer end in a conviction or a substantial punishment. It’s no surprise many survivors of these attacks accuse the justice system of causing more harm than good. They say that when giving evidence, they’re often made to feel blamed. But as Amelia Adams reports, some women have now had enough and are courageously fighting to force change.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producers: Anne Worthington, Serge Negus, Nina Funnell

Bombs Away
For the competitors, the indelicately named Shitbox Rally is a gruelling, week-long trek through the Australian Outback in a bomb of a car that’s likely to break down. But behind the larrikin humour and endless potholes, it’s serious business. Over the years the event has raised $44 million for cancer research, prevention and treatment. And that’s why this year’s rally will have a special guest entrant. Caroline Kennedy is not only part of America’s most famous political dynasty, she is also the United States Ambassador to Australia and, as she tells Tara Brown, by entering the Shitbox, she wants to recognise an initiative between our two countries that’s making impressive progress in the hunt for a cure for cancer.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Hannah Bowers, Sheree Gibson

Womb to Move
At almost four months old, little Henry Bryant is not only very cute, he’s also a history maker. As are his mum Kirsty and grandmother Michelle. Last year, in an Australian medical first, Michelle donated her womb to her daughter in the hope of giving Kirsty a chance at becoming pregnant. It was a risky procedure for both women and there were no guarantees the transplant would succeed. But as Sylvia Jeffreys reports, Henry is now joyous proof it did.
Reporter: Sylvia Jeffreys
Producer: Lisa Brown

8:45pm Sunday on Nine.

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