Airdate: 61st Emmy Awards

emmy_hostUpdated: TEN will screen the Emmys at 10pm Monday 21st September.

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the two hour presentation is one hour less than the live to air broadcast on Arena at 10am on the same day.

But it will be good to go primetime across the country, given last year it got knocked about in some cities due to the Brownlow Medal.


  1. I know One is a sports channel but why cant 10 show these special broadcasts live on ONE. It really gives me the S***S waiting for the delayed broadcast. I wont switch to pay tv because I just don’t watch that much tv generally. Surely missing a baseball game or replay of an AFL game wouldn’t hurt once in a while !

  2. i don’t usually watch awards shows except maybe the oscars or if i’m bored and sort of entering and leaving the room while it is on in the background, but i think i will watch this one just for neil patrick harris, he was excellent in dr horrible’s sing a long blog.

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