Airdate: The Andromeda Strain

brattRidley Scott’s 2008 miniseries remake The Andromeda Strain will air first in Sydney and Brisbane, at 8:30pm Monday September 21st on Seven, while other cities are watching The Brownlow Medal. It clocks in at a lengthy 3 hrs and 10 mins.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will get it on 8:30pm Friday September 25th while a movie airs in Syd / Bris.

The miniseries, about a team of scientists who investigate a deadly disease of extraterrestrial origin, features Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack, Daniel Dae Kim, Rick Schroeder and Christa Miller.

(NB: AFL fans in Sydney and Brissy can watch the Brownlow live on 7HD).


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Agree with Neon Kitten re Bratt.

    It also seems to be the case that whenever a miniseries is titled (Insert Name)’s Such-and-such”, it’s rubbish.

    “Stephen King’s The Langoliers” anybody?

  2. “(NB: AFL fans in Sydney and Brissy can watch the Brownlow live on 7HD).”

    question: when the brownlow ratings are reported the next morning will we get all cities 7 or 7HD reported on the same line or will they only report the ch7 broadcasts separating the HD which will likely not make the top 100, and never be known.

    i just ask because i don’t think i have ever seen ratings for 7HD shows.

  3. Smart move 7. Grouping the 2-parter together for one serving. If the channel screened it over 2 nights, no-one would come back for the second part. This made-for-TV remake of the classic movie is one hell of a cold turkey. I recall both 7 and 9 have previously screened 2-part mini-series in one hit when they realised the shows weren’t strong enough to attract the audience back the next night.

  4. It’s not really “Ridley Scott’s Andromeda Strain” when all him and his brother had to do with it was being “executive producers”. Didn’t write. Didn’t produce. Didn’t direct.

    Meanwhile, anything with Benjamin Bratt in it is pretty much automatic fail. 🙂

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