Gotta love paycuts

Jennifer_HawkinsFollowing speculation that Nine is set to slash salaries for some of its big names, now a report claims Seven is looking over some of its own.

Jennifer Hawkins could be the first to see a pay cut, particularly as she doesn’t have any ongoing projects. This week’s World Food Spectacular is a special while The Great Outdoors has bandaged together a few segments for a short run.

The Sunday Telegraph
also names Grant Denyer and Jamie Durie as possible candidates, but Sean Anderson, who represents both Durie and Hawkins denies either of the stars will be leaving the network.

“I met (Seven CEO) David (Leckie) to start renegotiations and we had a positive meeting,” Anderson told the newspaper.

A Seven spokesperson was coy, simply saying “It’s appropriate to consider costs going forward … it’s a regular process for any network.”

Most of the time publicists don’t actually know the salaries of their talent. Such info is highly confidential even amongst those on the same team.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Someone somewhere else was saying where is Mike Munro he hasnt been used since Sunday Night finished its first season. I thought to myself have you even thought about that. He would be filing stories for the new season next Sunday.

    As for the pay cuts its part of any business. Some will get cuts some may get more. Thats life. However the salaries of some of the Nine staff by Nine is way too excessive. Eddie and Sam earning what they are earning is a joke.

    Also i too think that Seven should bail out PrimeTV. It would be great if they took it over. Make it like Seven Queensland. Local News still stays but it is rebranded Seven NSW, Seven Vic etc. Keep GWN as a brand though in Perth because of the history of it. Only thoughts though.

  2. I have often wondered, were I paid $250,000 a year or more, far in excess of what anyone ought to need to live comfortably, whether it would bother me if it was then reduced to $100,000 a year.

    After all, that’s still well within a decent living, and yet considerably less than what I would have been used to. Would I be upset, or consider myself hard done by? I really don’t know.

  3. well jamie, grant, and jen all have big careers outside tv. their ch7 jobs are just on the side pocketmoney, so it’s hard to feel any sympathy for them.

    @RichoTB, when has 7 ever said they are launching a factual channel? or are you just taking swings based on a wild guess?

  4. If the figures for TV personalities salaries are correct then they’re the most overpaid bums in Australia. Sam Newman on $1 million a year is rdiculous as is McGuire’s income.
    What is Stephanie Rice doing for her $400,000 a tear from 7?
    Maybe they were just that stupid to pay her that much so she couldn’t go on 60 Minutes.

  5. Seven have had almost a year to launch a second channel now. Why so much secrecy around something so mundane? At least ABC2 and GO have entertaining programs, not just plans for Border Security/Great Outdoors/Better Homes and Gardens reruns. And I don’t even want to think about the trashy imported UK/NZ/US factuals they’ll have up their sleeves (Renters, anyone?)

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