Hamish and Andy on Leno

Hamish-AndyHamish & Andy are set to make a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of  The Jay Leno Show, (hmmm did Rove have anything to do with this?).

The boys are currently trekking 5,000 kms from Miami to LA on their American Caravan of Courage tour.

Appearing on the same show are Robin Williams and Miley Cyrus and Friday night guests include Halle Berry, Bruce Hornsby and Eric Clapton.

It airs at 7.30pm tonight and replays 2 hrs later on The Comedy Channel.


  1. @steve,
    what a stupid thing to say, i am a 21 year old guy who likes hamish and andy and isn’t gay, and i bet there a lot more people in a similar boat. it isn’t the highest rating show on radio on behalf of a gay following but because everyday people listen to it not just gay guys and teenage girls.

  2. @Steve: “There are two types of H&A fans, teenage girls & gay guys.”
    Gosh, I had no idea sexual orientation was a critical factor on someone’s sense of humour.

    Next time, take your sexist tripe elsewhere.

  3. as a gay man i’m slightly offended that it’s pressumed that I watch H&A…ew.
    Hamish and Andy rock! I dunno why more can’t be happy for them instead of critizing the fact that they’re actually doing something with their life. so what if everyone else in the world cancelled, don’t see you on there.

  4. LOL @ Steve “There are two types of H&A fans, teenage girls & gay guys”.

    Sorry Steve, I am neither a teen or a gay ………..I enjoy H & A as they are a breath of fresh air.

    Last night on Jay Leno I cringed for Hamish as he talked so fast (nerves probably) I was flat out understanding what he was on about, let alone the US audience.
    The “Ghosting” they did was fun, however it looked like it had been rehearsed and set up.

  5. Didn’t they steal the ghosting idea from balls of steel?

    Shortly after BoS started airing on seven Hamish and Andy started this bit on Rove so…

    The segment was called Neg’s Urban Sports, theres some clips on youtube.

  6. Looking forward to this. Nice to see them making some appearances in America, they’re so funny. But I rather they stick to radio, their appearances on Rove and other shows rather than having their own show, unless the show has a good concept or something that’ll work out.

  7. Their brand of unfunny comedy translated perfectly for Leno’s audience.

    You could have heard a pin drop while Hamish was mumbling his Miley Cyrus “joke”.

    There are two types of H&A fans, teenage girls & gay guys.

  8. They had their own tv show on Seven. it bombed. then they had Real Stories on TEN. that bombed too. i think they should stick to the radio show and their odd appearances on Spicks and Specks and Rove.

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