Hungry Beast team revealed

danilicDan Ilic is one of the 7 on air presenters in Hungry Beast the new media project from Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby.

Ilic, remembered from his role in The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, is known for his savvy and satirical digs at the wider media including his now infamous Freeview parody on YouTube and as a writer of the fringe theatre piece ‘Beaconsfield The Musical.’

The seven who are fronting the ABC series are aged from 20 to 28 years old and have diverse backgrounds and experiences in media, journalism, documentary, radio, online broadcasting and events.

hb3The others are: Marc Fennell (24 from NSW, known from Triple J and SBS’ The Movie Show), Jessicah Mendes (27 from WA), Veronica Milsom (24 from Vic), Kieran Ricketts (26 from NSW), Chris Leben (20 from Vic) and Kirk Docker (28 from Vic).

Joining them are another 12 young Aussies aged 20-30 from Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales who will act as Researchers, Web Content Producers, Shooters / Directors, Editors and Graphics.

Their selection follows an extensive nationwide search that netted 1130 applications, which were whittled down to 60 interviews. During their lengthy pre-production training the lucky 19 were versed in everything from story conferencing, location shoots, defamation, editing, research and writing.

During this period, industry experts appeared as guest speakers including Seven’s Peter Meakin, John Safran, Richard Neville, Catherine Lumby, Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello and David Marr.

hb1With the resources to tell new stories, the Hungry Beast project is being likened to the ABC’s discovery of new voices through Race Around the World, Beatbox and Fly TV.

Under the banner “Tell Us Something We Don’t Know,” the 10 part half hour series will also be complemented by a website where viewers can submit stories to potentially be included on-air.

Executive Producer Anita Jacoby (Enough Rope, The Gruen Transfer) says, “Even though they are very different – some come from a serious journalistic background, others are natural piss-takers – they each have key qualities that we are looking for. They are hugely motivated and hard working.

“They are voracious consumers of all kinds of media, not just the usual sources. They have well thought-out views on why a lot of contemporary television doesn’t speak to them anymore – and they are confident enough to think they can do better.”

hb2Series Producer Andy Nehl (Beatbox, Blah Blah Blah, Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure, The Chaser’s War on Everything) said, “This is a very media savvy group. Although new to television, many of them are multi-skilled and have already created some memorable content for the web.

“We can’t wait to see how new people, raised in the Google, Twitter and cable universe, interpret the world.”

It premieres 9pm Wednesday September 30th on ABC1.


  1. Cracking show. Some parts a little weird but no doubt happens with so many involved and could end up being part of it’s charm. Have caught both shows so far and happy it’s joined the great ABC line-up for Wednesday night.

  2. Hey, stop hanging crap on Marc. I actually met him in person and he’s a really nice guy. Plus his segment on JTV and film reviews he does are awesome!

    So stop hating!

  3. You’re kidding right?? Marc Fennell is awesome!! He lacks the arrogance lots of young ‘stars’ seem to think they have a right to have. And he earned my respect with his fresh style. I’m glad he’s in the mix. I reckn he’ll deliver in this gig. We’ll see won’t we!

    Don’t know Dan’s stuff- lookin fwd to seeing him in this gig. And others…… Hope theyre down to earth and not painful like almost everyone on tv right now

  4. Marc Fennell sucks. I cant beleive they pick such a mainstreem cruze through life borring host. He dumbed down the Movie Show and has an awful segment on JTV.
    I wouldnt normally bag someone from a show like this but he has been given loads of chances and I dont see how he fits the bill of new discovered tallent at all. I was really looking forward to this show and its proposed alternative style but my expectations are dropped.

    I think the guy from Ronnie Johns, Dan ILac is a tallent. He can be quite amusing.

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