NRL: Storm v Broncos Live

stbSaturday night’s NRL match between Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos will be live in Sydney, Brisbane, and yes, Melbourne on Nine.

The 2nd Preliminary Final from Etihad Stadium will air at 7:30pm on the East Coast.

The 1st Preliminary Final on Friday night, between Bulldogs v Parramatta Eels, will air live at 7:30pm in Sydney and Brisbane and delayed to 11:40pm in Melbourne.


  1. lol at Ray Warren who during commentary spruiks how this NRL broadcast is going live around the world but fails to say it is not live in all of Australia…gives me a good laugh everytime.

  2. T-Mac: Thanks for that until now hadn’t known the reason why just known that had been talked about quite sad for that to be the reason when they both own the rights

  3. RE Jordan: I believe Fox Sports/Main Event have asked to show Storm finals games live in the past, but Nine have refused, claiming that it “cheapens the value of the rights”

  4. I’m sure News Corporation will be very happy that the two one city teams they own will be live in Australia’s 3 biggest TV markets.
    As someone who believes major US media Corporations should not own a sport or professional sports clubs in Australia of any kind, I certainly will be making a massive effort not to watch a single second.

  5. This is always good news.. I do always hear though when it is not live and the Melbourne Storm players etc. get a viewing of it in the channel nine Boardroom you would think that could motivate them to put Melbourne Storm games live at least when channel nine has them. Interesting why that doesn’t motivate them to even give it to Fox Sports either direct i.e Main Event or Fox Sports running it.

  6. But its not head to head with the AFL grand final. It’s 2 hours after the AFL finishes. Even if you watch the after final coverage on ONE until 8.30, you would not miss much of the NRL game.

    So it should be live into Melbourne. All Storm games should be.

  7. Leon the AFL Grand Final Begins a 2pm and will be over by 6pm. So they are not going head to head. Melbourne Strom could (and hopefully they do) make there 4th Consecutive NRL Grand Final and Melbourne fans deserve to see that. Nine dont have the balls to go head to head, but I tell you they would get an audience if they play Storm games live when they play on Friday Nights.

  8. Actually Leon, its a good call, AFL grand final finishes at 5, the telecast finishes at 6. People in Melbourne who are used to watching Footy on Saturday Night will get their fix.

  9. Of course they will make it live to Melbourne viewers this saturday night, Ch9 & the NRL wanna commit viewer suicide by putting it Head to Head with the AFL Grand Final. Someone should shoot the NRL CEO David Gallop for being responsible for this Clusterf*ck Up!

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