TEN drops Sarah Wilson from MasterChef 2

sw1It’s a case of saying what we were all thinking. Yes Sarah Wilson was lovely in MasterChef Australia. But really, what was she given to do?

Now the network has decided she won’t be back for the series in 2010.

The series will be without host.

TEN’s David Mott said, “Sarah Wilson has been an invaluable member of the MasterChef Australia team and she will be missed.

“This decision has been a hard one to make but it became clear the appropriate role for Sarah was not achievable without dramatically changing the format.

“Sarah has an impressive background with abilities that far outweighed her duties on the show. All parties agree another series that limited her input and expertise was not the best outcome.”

A diplomatic Wilson said, “It’s a wonderful, enriching honour to have been part of MasterChef, a show that’s shifted television in such an uplifting and inclusive way. I applaud TEN for bringing the show to Australian screens in the first place, and for making the difficult decision regarding my role.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have played a founding role in the ‘MasterChef effect’, as it’s been dubbed, and will be bringing the same positive dynamic to my next project.”

The announcement, strategically broken late on a Friday afternoon, when its impact will be less analysed, follows Wilson not being returned for Celebrity MasterChef.

Many observed that across the series the judges served as hosting roles, including a key moment when Gary Mehigan stepped in to talk through a moment when a contestant was quitting the show on air. In any other show it would have been the host who led both contestant and audience through this story point.

TEN says it will continue to use Wilson as a guest in shows, but names only The Spearman Experiment.

She is said to be considering another television project, though it isn’t evident if this is with TEN if it happens.

She continues print and radio commitments elsewhere.


  1. Nice lady but she didn’t really do much, so it’s a logical decision. As others have said hope TEN gives her other opportunites before Nine or Seven poach her.

  2. Right move in terms of the show, but it might not be the smartest move given the show’s success. Everything worked so well in Series 1. Changing a winning format is dangerous.

  3. Shame ten did this but i can understand, there were sooo many times i watched the show and just thought wat exactly does she get paid to do, cos Gary did alot of the hosting. If ten were smart theyd make her The Biggest Loser host. There is alot they can do with her, make her part of there new 9am Project, relaunch Big Brother (which im sure im the only person that misses it and wishing they axed Idol instead and have BB on post MC) with Sarah as host. She’d slot into the 7pm Project ok, but we dont want any further career suicides from ten personalities. they could give her her (god ai say it) lifesyle show. I use to love health, wealthy and wise haha. I just hope ten utilise her talent in some way

  4. I agree with a few people. At first i thought she was just a host but in fact it kinda made sense to have her there. Even if she didnt do too much it was enough. It did give the female aspect to the show. Now all we get are those 3 bozo judges. Why are they changing it. If anything they need to change the Thursday Night eliminations not the host.

  5. If 7 got her for MKR that might save it or at least give it an opportunity for the curiosity factor, people tuning in for her and if it is better than MRR viewers might get hooked?

  6. stupid move! a family appeal isnt 3 huge guys! even though i love the 3 judges it was good to see atleast 1 woman in the lot!! now i think one of the judges should go and be replaced by a chick!!!
    she might have not been used much but next they could have though of something to give her to do on the show!!

  7. Sarah was the best host of any Australian reality TV series for the very reason that she didn’t take over the show whenever she appeared. The guests were always the focus and never herself, unfortunately the greatest thing about her may be the very reason she’s been booted. “Not a big enough presence.”

  8. Not surprising, but now the show is without female input altogether. I’d imagine even Curtis Stone will end up playing a bigger part next season given how heavily they utilised him in the end.

    Seven would be silly to not approach her for My Kitchen Rules. Could it be possible that this was the ‘another television project’ referred to?

  9. I’d like to see Sarah get her own show on TEN. I agree with dumping her from the show, because even though she was fantastic, the format didn’t suit a host too well, and in turn she ended up being in the background for most of the show.

  10. What a pity, but I must agree, the judges had more involvement, than Sarah.

    Has the new host of the Australian version of the Biggest Loser been announced yet? If not Sarah Wilson would be great on there.

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