ABC grants FlashForward a future

Good news for Seven, after Flashforward is given a full series pickup by the ABC network in the US.

ffFlashForward has been given a full series pickup by ABC.

That’s good news for Seven, which has much invested in the series succeeding.

It follows network greenlights for Modern Family, The Middle and Cougar Town last week.

The ABC mystery-drama has performed well enough for the network in its competitive Thursday-night slot.

In Australia it took a big premiere audience of 1.7m. Last night it had slipped to 1.5m but was up on last week and finished as the night’s top show.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The scene that grabbed me in the first ep was when they showed the one person who did not suffer the blackout. I thought that was really creepy.

    The thing that lets it down for me is the lead actor. His Derrick Zoolander face just annoys me.

  2. Honestly the pilot didn’t grab me, and I have way too many other series to keep up with, so I’ll just wait for DVD if I choose to give it another go. Both David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga are tremendously hit-and-miss writers, with the latter’s Star Trek work often lazily piling on the technobabble in place of genuinely clever writing. Sure, Goyer contributed to the last two Batman films, but he’s also been involved with a lot stinkers as well…

  3. I’m watching with the hope that this show will develop into something great. But these characters don’t seem very interesting and the situations seem contrived without any genuine danger.

    I don’t mind going along with a lengthy serialised drama as long as the characters are interesting and story isn’t all abut the endgame. When Lost was forced to tread water, it could at least draw from its brilliant characters and diverse cast.

    Hopefully it starts coming together soon and displays more depth.

  4. the show is not that great. but people can’t deny, it is quite a feat for ch7 to turn what a lot of people see as an ordinary show into quite a hit.

    now i just hope mercy or castle or both are renued. great shows.

  5. the US ratings are not too crash hot and are dropping fast. i hope the show only has one season. i have watched every episode. not much has happened. hopefully with these extra episodes they will get cracking with the real storyline. because i am losing interest fast.

    but you have to hand it to 7 for making a show get such good ratings that is completely out of the flavour of the times, not very good IMO and not faring as well in the US. any other network *cough* -ch9- and this show would be a megaflop.

    in the US FF probably will not make the top 25 this week. but in australia it is our biggest import. good stuff.

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