Matt LeBlanc signs for ‘dumbed-down’ sitcom

matt_leblancNow doesn’t this sound like fun?

Matt LeBlanc is going to play himself in a sitcom about a British TV comedy that gets dumbed-down when it’s produced for Americans.

Brilliants. And do we have Ricky Gervais to thank for this? Well, not directly.

It’s actually former Friends producer David Crane and writing partner, Jeffrey Klarik.

Episodes is a co-production between Showtime and the BBC. Six single-camera episodes will begin shooting in London and Hollywood later this year, to air in 2010.

“We jumped at the chance to get involved with this cock-eyed look at network television told through the eyes of unsuspecting British producers who don’t know what hit them when they enter the lion’s den of Hollywood,” said Showtime’s Bob Greenblatt. “And Matt LeBlanc, wryly sending up his own image, is icing on the cake.”

Funnier than Joey already.

Source: Variety


  1. the ill-fated The Comeback starring Friends alumna Lisa Kudrow was very good, which was a mockumentary-reality show. This looks pretty good too.

  2. With just 6 eps and airing on Showtime and BBC I doubt it will be ‘axed’ in the UK or US. Whether it gets a 2nd season is another question. I hope FTA can show it with a former Friends star on board but with Cougar Town an apparent hit in the US we still haven’t heard when or if it will air here.

  3. hey Bindi…dont know if it would get axed…only 6 episodes that will aklready be in the can by the time they go to air…more likely to be shifted…question is who will pick it up in Aust?? and guesses?

  4. Brilliant!

    As the networks here seem to follow the dumbing down approach, maybe this spelling out of the process will encourage us, (the viewers), to step up and demand to be treated with respect , and to be given credit for being able to understand a story without it being explained to us 3 or 4 times with dull narration and repetitive interviews.

  5. will probably get axed though because americans won’t be able to stand it, they have no idea how to take a joke about themselves, they just get offended and defensive.

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