Where to for Rescue: Special Ops?

rescNine’s newest drama Rescue: Special Ops will have its season finale on Sunday October 25th.

As well as its weekly incident to resolve, it will also see a wedding placed in jeopardy for one of the central characters.

But for Nine the stakes are much greater as it faces decisions about the future of the show.

On Sunday night the show pulled 1.02m viewers, slightly less than some of its best figures of around 1.1m. The drama, produced by Southern Star, doesn’t come cheap. Reviews have been middling, word of mouth for the show never really got off the ground.

The network is also finding out the hard way that it has on-going trouble launching new brands. Australia’s Perfect Couple, homeMADE and The Apprentice Australia have all had lacklustre premieres.

With so many of our dramas built around police and emergency workers, Nine may also have found Rescue struggling for a place in an overcrowded genre.

While it has Underbelly and Sea Patrol set for 2010, Nine must embed new product that will garner local drama points. Former attempts with The Strip and Canal Road are well documented. Rescue is easily better than both, but it is not without its flaws.


  1. My family and I really enjoy the show. Needs a couple of different rescues as one seems to drag on a little. Not fussed on Peter Phelps or Libby Tanner both are a bit long in the tooth. A bit more blood and guts shown might also help. We hope that it returns. Good luck Rescue Special Ops.

  2. Les and Gigi anyday for a rescue. Another 13 episode series early and if it fails(Which it never did) Then you ca axe it, much to my disappointment. Because of Rescue for episodes 11,12 and 13 i would watch nothing but 9 all weekend just to see a promo, i now see weekend today a tradition now. Because of Rescue:Special Ops. You’ll lose all my viewing attention except for weekend today as that is a tradition
    If you have a early series of 13 episodes and lated in the year another running over to 2011 i would be happy

  3. Leave it on have 200 series. This is th ebest show in the perfect time slot, longer promos but u have to keep it it is a fantastic aussie drama and i am countind down to its return.

  4. This is a good show and deserves a second series.
    According to the voice over at the end(of ep 13) it will be returning next year.
    Can anyone confirm this?

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