Vince Colosimo fined $2500, avoids jail time.

Underbelly actor has accrued more than $65,000 in fines and faced court a fourth time.

Underbelly actor Vince Colosimo, seen most recently in Celebrity Apprentice and in Wog Boys Forever, has been fined $2500 following a drug driving incident in April last year.

Victoria Police said in a statement: “A 55-year-old Elwood man has been charged on summons with unlicensed and drug driving.”

Prahran Highway Patrol intercepted a car on St Kilda Road, St Kilda about 2.30pm on Saturday 3 April, 2021.

Colosimo was found to have methylamphetamine (ice) in his system and his car was impounded on the spot. The court also heard he gave police a false name Tony “Anthony” Colosimo when he was asked to provide his details.

When officers said they were not satisfied with the name he gave, Colosimo said he had a twin brother. He eventually identified himself as Vincenzo Colosimo after police continued to raise concerns and threatened to arrest him.

Wednesday was the fourth time the actor had faced court and the second time he had been caught drug driving.

Colosimo admitted he knew he was unlicensed when he got behind the wheel of his silver Peugeot in an attempt to deliver groceries to his mother during lockdown last year.

The court heard Colosimo owes more than $65,000 in fines, dating back to 2012. colosimo said he had been seeing counsellors but there were no records to show he had completed any courses relating to driving or drugs since his arrest.

Prosecutor Bianca Moleta argued Colosimo’s offending was serious and warranted imprisonment.

Colosimo’s lawyer George Vassis said he was genuinely remorseful and deeply embarrassed by his behaviour,

Magistrate Olivia Trumble said, “My view is that while a somewhat merciful disposition in the circumstances, an aggregate financial penalty is appropriate.

“Those matters date back to 2017, so they are somewhat aged.

“Whilst you may not be completely there, you are on a particular path to recovery.

“To your credit it seems you’re back on a good path. I accept you are generally remorseful.”

She also advised the actor to sort out his unpaid fines.

Source: news.com.au, The Age

Update: Film and legal sources close to Colosimo have told Daily Mail Australia the star disputed the number and total dollar values of the fines he allegedly racked up. A source told Daily Mail Australia Colosimo maintained he had not incurred the traffic fines himself because he had loaned his Peugeot to a ‘mate’. Colosimo and his legal team are said to be in the process of working through the fines to ascertain not only how they accumulated, but who might have been behind the wheel and when. 

The court was presented with a bundle of references attesting to Colosimo’s recent good character.

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  1. Everyone falls from grace sometimes in their lives and everyone deserves a second chance, but who knows and can account for what his personal circumstances are and what’s lead to this. No judgment on my part, just hope he sorts it.

    1. Tell that to people who have lost their family members in car crashes because someone was selfish enough to be this reckless. We’re talking repeated breaches here not just once or even twice. The driving groceries to his mother during lockdown is one thing, but $65,000 in fines & driving while on ice tells me he barely had any regard for the law before that.

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