Police Rescue Australia runs its own race

Producers discussed the idea of Gary Sweet as narrator of Nine series, until it was agreed to separate from past projects.

Nine’s new observational series Police Rescue Australia discussed the idea of having actor Gary Sweet, who starred in Police Rescue (pictured below) for 5 seasons, as a possible narrator.

But not for long.

Lune Media producer Leonie Lowe said, “We talked about it with Channel Nine but I think they wanted to actually move away from the drama to make it an (observational) series and not have that correlation. Because I think instantly people might think ‘Oh, the drama’s coming back?'”

The series centres around the instantly recognisable white-uniformed NSW Police rescue unit in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

“Only the New South Wales Police rescue unit wear white and that’s how you distinguish the Rescue Unit to everyone else. They often work with the New South Wales Ambulance Service and the fire department. Once they are called to the job, they’re the ones in charge.”

Narrating the series is actor / writer Brendan Cowell who Lune Media had worked with in the past.

“When we sort of spoke to him about it, he thought it sounded like a really good series that he wanted to be part of. So we were very happy with that,” she continued.

Lowe says Nine discussions also did not reference its 2009 drama Rescue: Special Ops (pictured below) which starred Peter Phelps, Les Hill, Katherine Hicks, Gigi Edgley, Daniel Amalm, Todd Lasance, Craig McLachlan, Libby Tanner -and Gary Sweet.

“No, they didn’t actually. At all. I think they just wanted to talk to us about this,” she said.

“We just talked about current stuff.”

Police Rescue Australia screens 9pm Monday on Nine.

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