The Waters of Mars in UK Nov 15

wom2Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars will air in the UK on November 15th.

The special features Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide and Aussie Peter O’Brien as her second-in-command.

The episode will be followed by two more specials featuring David Tennant as The Doctor before his replacement by actor Matt Smith.

They are expected Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in the UK.

No word on Aussie dates yet!

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Didn’t UKTV fast track Torchwood (Children of Earth)? Same channel and production company as Doctor Who. Although I think BBC owns UKTV, which might make a difference.

  2. @Matthew See – thanks for the reminder but like other I think they should be aired on ABC asap, this is one show targeted by downloaders as fans want it now! and with the months of waiting that has made it worse. I was hoping the xMas one would air sooner.

    I mean with high speed Internet and satellite connections it’s not like the physically have to send out tapes/discs, they could release it the moments it finishes airing and have it to other broadcasters with-in hours at the most.

  3. The BBC need to wake up to themselves and allow fasttracking, and the ABC have to wake up to themselves and demand the ability in their next contracts.

  4. Marena Manzoufas, the Head of ABC Programming had this to say about scheduling Doctor Who here on TV Tonight over two months ago:

    “For the special [Waters of Mars] this year we would be showing it within 4 weeks or so and I would hope the Christmas and New Year special we would show in a 4-6 week period.””

    This means that Waters of Mars could be on the ABC around December 13.

  5. I suspect, when it comes to Doctor Who, the ABC *can’t* “fast track” it.

    There has got to be some reason behind them delaying all the recent Who seasons for months. I suspect it’s money.

    And they already know the fans are not going to wait even a single day regardless.

  6. Seeing Tennant in Sarah Jane Adventures this week has whet my appetite for new Who. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed him. And come January we’re gonna miss him an awful lot more!

  7. It will definitely be worth the wait!
    As well, last week’s episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures in the UK also featured another appearance by David Tennant as the Doctor … it was brilliant, as usual!

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