ABC: 2010 returning programs

Some readers have been asking about returning shows. Here is a checklist of the shows that are back.

122Following on from the select highlights for ABC 2010, some readers have been asking about returning shows.

As we know The Einstein Factor, Sunday Arts and triple j with the doctor have all ended.

Here is the list of returning Australian-made shows not previously noted for ABC1 and ABC2:

Australian Story (ABC1, ABC2, iView),
News Breakfast (ABC2),
7pm News (ABC1),
The 7:30 Report (ABC1, iView),
Four Corners (ABC1, iView),
Foreign Correspondent (ABC1, iView),
Lateline (ABC1),
Landline (ABC1),
The Midday Report (ABC1),
Insiders (ABC1),
Inside Business (ABC1),
National Press Club (ABC1),
Offsiders (ABC1),
Stateline (ABC1),
Behind the News (ABC1)
Asia Pacific Focus (ABC1),
The Gruen Transfer (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Hungry Beast (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView)
Review with Myles Barlow (ABC2, repeated ABC1, iView)
At The Movies (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Talking Heads (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Collectors (ABC1, repeated ABC2),
Can We Help? (ABC2, iView),
Q&A (ABC1, iView),
Spicks & Specks (ABC1, repeated ABC2),
The New Inventors (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Gardening Australia (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Catalyst (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Artscape (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Compass (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Media Watch (ABC1, iView),
Good Game (ABC2, iView),
First Tuesday Book Club (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView),
Rage (ABC1),
Message Stick (ABC1, repeated ABC2, iView) and
ABC2 Live Presents (ABC2).

ABC TV will also present Election Specials for the Australian Federal Election and State elections in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

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  1. David – thanks for including iView on the screening details – very helpful.

    @ BM-dog – the ABC can’t get clearance from the music companies to put S&S on iView. It’s an all-too-frequent question on the iView discussion boards. Which isn’t to say that situation won’t change at some point in the future – but for the moment – no on-line rights.

  2. HBeast works because of its crazy format. Some of the “Talent” isnt always the greatest when they go serious and journalistic but they had some interesting stuff on the future of machanised warfare.

    The sketches are good and Dan Illic is pretty good at what he does. I am glad they have another season and people do watch it. The program grabs more viewers than the more cohesive Safran does.

  3. It looks like no Can We Help for analogue only viewers. It should have been Hungry Beast relegated to ABC 2 instead. A late night timeslot would be suitable, 11:30pm Mondays perhaps.

  4. I actually enjoyed HB, as disorganised as it was. I agree that it was in the wrong timeslot, though.

    @Mikeys: Junglist was never going to be on Good Game SP – that’s what Hex was hired for. The real reason for him being booted from the main show remains a mystery, but he’s unlikely to be back on the ABC anytime, err, ever.

  5. I’d say I can’t believe Hungry Beast will be returning, but I can believe it – because of Denton! It’s not really worthy of a Wednesday night time slot, it’s utter rubbish in its current format – even people who work on the show know and acknowledge this. Granted, some of the talent is actually pretty darn good, but currently it’s like the contents of a vacuum cleaner and really needs to be separated, some of it thrown out completely. Showing a comedy skit followed by exhausting amounts of on screen text and a serious and lengthy interview is really stuff that needs to be thought about and fixed. Give Wednesday night to some reliable talent – Hungry Beast only made me fall asleep and miss out on John Safran, the real reason people watch the ABC on Wednesday nights.

    1. My understanding is the first deal for HB was for 2 series as they knew it would need time to find its feet. Of course, there’s no guarantee it will retain the same prize timeslot…no word on Librarians yet. Remember there was a long break in between both seasons as they made Very Small Business.

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