ABC tops TEN in summer

abc_logoThe Seven Network has snared a win in the second week of non-ratings. But it was ABC that upstaged everyone -it defeated TEN in Week 50 and was first on Saturday night in Total People.

Seven: 28.5
Nine: 27.4
ABC: 18.5
TEN: 18.2
SBS: 7.5

TEN’s humiliating fourth position included two nights in fourth -as low as 14.1% on Friday night.

Seven won all cities except Melbourne -taken by Nine by just 0.1%.

Border Patrol was again the number one show for the week on 1.35m viewers.

Week 50


  1. Great Post,tasmanian Devil!

    Other than That,The ABC got Double-digit shares on 18-49 and 25-54 key demos this year,Last year,They got Roughly 8-9%

    ABC is a very good Network,They produce quality Entertainment and Drama Programs that could Match the Commercials’,And they have The Best News and Current affairs Shows.

    Too bad Most Australians were fed up by American Shows from Aussie Commercial Networks.

  2. tasmanian devil

    @Paull, on account of ABC3’s very small target demo it’s ratings are rather insignificant, even lower than SBS Two, so I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.

    @Jerome, actually I would have thought something *is* going right if ABC 2 manages to pull a larger audience than a commercial multichannel. What’s not right is the notion that only old people watch ABC and SBS. I watch more ABC than any other network and I am not what you would call old, and I’m sure there are many others who are the same.

  3. Janey I realise you love TEN almost as much as their publicists (ahem) but you know me well enough to know I do not write headlines based on what Networks want.

    When was the last time ABC beat a commercial for the week? As good as never. That’s newsworthy and we both know it.

    I once suggested you have TEN supply me with key demos for 5 FTAs 6-midnight, how’s that coming along? The fact TEN’s audience is out enjoying summer is not News to any of us and other comments here illustrate that fact is already understood. The site provides accumulative context to an informed audience….

  4. I don’t know why it is that Ten never promotes in any way the Kiwi programmes they show. On Friday there is Outrageous Fortune and The Hothouse, both are decent shows, but are hardly advertised on TV and are not to be found anywhere on Ten’s website. Second rate US shows in bad timeslots get more promotion. Is it any wonder that a new series doesn’t do well when no one hears about it?

  5. Good story…if Ten cared about total people. I read on this site that Ten programmer, David Mott, doesn’t give a rats about total people shares, but only cares about 18-49 & 16-39. So where did Ten come in their target demos for the week? If the ABC beat them, then that would be a real story worth writing about. However, if Ten are beaten in total people (which they don’t care about) in non-ratings over Summer when most of their audience is out and ABC’s audience are still watching tv…then why is that worthy of a headline?

  6. the ratings are really not reflecting what i’m doing this summer, i’m watching more 10 than any other channel, GO! is the next highest then 7TWO. I’m only watching 2 shows on 9 (there were none during ratings period) and i’m not watching anything at all on 7 whereas during the ratings period it was probably coming 2nd or 3rd with me. I’m also watching 1 or 2 things on ABC and SBS. but 10 is leading by far with me, but I guess those with ratings boxes are just content to watch repeats forever and have no interest in new programming whatsoever.

  7. a large part of ten’s low ratings is that they have such a disadvantage when it comes to multichannels. Go!, 7two and ABC2 have been doing very well lately. ONE comes a distant 4th in total people and demos. when ABC2 can pull more 16-39 year olds than a commercial networks multichannel something is not going right.

    their new channel can not come any sooner and ONE needs to be pushed aside.

  8. Yeah, Ten’s summer lineup really hasn’t been that good, besides Glee, Malcolm in the Middle and the hour long versions of The 7pm Project. Ten should learn from this that people want consistency, a reason why Channel Seven is doing so well. They are continuing to play the same kind of shows in their timeslot for example: Border Security/Border Patrol, RSPCA/The Zoo and they are repeating episodes of shows so that viewers can still watch what they did in the ratings season. I don’t really like this idea myself because I don’t like a lot of shows on Seven, but the point is it is working for them.

  9. @ Michael

    Ten already has a 2nd SD channel, namely 12. All they do differently is mirror their HD channel to their 2nd SD channel, rather than mirroring their HD channel to their primary SD (or, really, vice versa) as the others all do.

  10. I can find a logical reason for abc’s increase in percentage – it’s summer!! Younger people are going out of a night and not watching tv, whilst older generations still keep their routine. Abc and sbs both have older audiences and thus retain more through the summer period

  11. Don’t forget that ABC now has 3 channels to choose from- I’m sure ABc3 is boosting their primetime ratings. But still, I can’t believe how low ten is. I just hope that doesn’t mean they will drop the new shows they’ve put on.

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