Airdate: Dannii Minogue: My Story

danniipiersHeads up, Dannii fans, Seven has a special for you later this month.

In Dannii Minogue: My Story, the Aussie popster is interviewed by British host Piers Morgan, a judge from Britain’s Got Talent.

She will talk about her love life developments, marriage breakdown to Julian McMaho, Kylie’s battle with cancer, and those Playboy photos.

Let’s hope she has some nice things to say about Home and Away otherwise things could get a tad awkward.

It will air 9:30pm Tuesday December 22nd on Seven.


  1. I hope it’s the uncut version which shows insight into how she has been treated by tabloids in the UK, who once tried to run a story that she had HIV. just terrible. the poor girl.

  2. TV Tonight has reached international status David :). This site was quoted in UK Tabloids The Sun and Daily Mail websites regarding Dannii’s show airing here in Australia.

  3. Patrick, Young Talent Time is mentioned on the show a fair bit. They have VTs of various stages in Dannii’s life and the first one focuses on Young Talent Time and how she was the first Minogue to take off in the industry.

    Home & Away is also mentioned. Over here we got two versions of the interview, a 60 minute one that went out on ITV1, and an “uncut” 90 minute one that aired on ITV2 a few days later. The second one had more comments on Home & Away than the first, so I suspect (whatever length interview you guys get) there could be some editing to produce a version that’s more relevant for Aussie audiences?

  4. I assume she gives Young Talent Time a mention?

    Although she always seems quite proud to have come from that show – unlike some others – and acknowledges how it launched her career.

    Dannii has always copped a lot of flack over the years and good on her for surviving this long – may she continue to do so!!

  5. It’s a great interview and was very well-received when it aired here in the UK. It’ll be interesting to hear whether you guys get the same cut as us or will have a different version – some of the talk about The X Factor and Cheryl Cole etc may not be deemed relevant for Aussies? Though Dannii is massive now thanks to X Factor so I’m guessing they won’t cut it out completely.

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