See it first, a month later on Nine.

nnews2If you had been watching Channel Nine last night you could be mistaken for thinking Shocking had just won the Melbourne Cup.

Nine played a News promo from last month in the middle of late night dramedy Burying Brian.

“Celebrations are in full swing for connections of the Mark Kavanagh-trained Shocking, after the 4 year old victory in the Melbourne Cup,” Wendy Kingston said.

“Sydney punters battle through 37 degree heat at Randwick.

“And St. George and the big four banks have moved swiftly to pass on today’s quarter of a percent rate rise.”

Umm, no the rate rise yesterday when last we checked…

nnewsIt was followed by Peter Overton spruiking a story in “tomorrow night’s” Nine News. The Sydney News.

And it was played in Melbourne.

Now if only we could get Nine to be “first” with the news of the Melbourne Cup winner before it had actually run. That would really be something.


  1. Nine did this with the late news, when it had returned in May. The news headlines had been a day behind the actual bulletin. They had eventually got to telling us stories from Thursday on the next Monday! They must be first in making news look sound better when it’s said later.

  2. What is it with Nine and all these technical difficulties. The person/people responsible should be easy to spot and be fired just like that. I am sure that Seven would not put up with any problems like Nine are having.

    It’s weird how these technical difficulties are continuing after they have been present in their news and ident ads for a long time. Don’t you think whoever was in charge would get better at their job over time?

  3. @ Craig – did WIN HD return in your area last night by any chance? When it returned in my region last week I was watching 88 at the time and had to do a re-scan because the sound on both it and 8 dropped out totally.

  4. Ha! Ha! I saw this too. It was a bit of a time warp.

    Also amused by the “first on Nine” and “only on 7” promos for stories I have seen covered weeks ago on ABC.

  5. LMAO

    Now they are not even fast tracking the news!

    BTW Last night for a time GO!88 vanished from my TV, the channel was wiped from the list and I had to re-scan for it. And no i had not deleted it. I just went to 88 and it was gone! Go baby GO!

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