Every kid wants to be on Prank Patrol, but…

pprSince launching ABC3 in early December, it isn’t the pride of place drama My Place that is resonating most with the young audience, but Scotty Tweedie and his Prank Patrol Ninjas.

In the show, kids get the chance to create, build and execute the prank of a lifetime on their chosen target – a friend, sibling, or even their class.

Production company activeTV, which also produces Carols in the Domain, The Amazing Race Asia, Tropfest and the Country Music Awards of Australia, could be set for a long run with the show if the avid pleas to TV Tonight are anything to go by. So popular has the show become that the ABC had no facility to field enquiries from frenzied kids across the country.

Since drawing attention to the problem, an ABC spokesperson has now issued a statement to TV Tonight advising: “The first series is almost over, so it’s a little too late to apply to be on Prank Patrol. But that doesn’t mean Prank Patrol won’t be looking for more Pranksters in the future, so keep checking abc.net.au/abc3 for updates!”

It has now also issued the advice on its official website.

Meanwhile ABC3 is screening Prank Patrol International to keep up the interest with episodes from the UK and Canada.


  1. i would love to prank my firend Ellen she all always pranks Me everyday I want to be on Prank Patrol I love pranks!!

  2. i think i realy shoud go on prank patrol cause my dad thinks hes all good. and he thinks hes not scared of anything but i want to prove him wrong.i really wouldnt no what to prank him with but im sure andy could help me with that. and whatching my dad get scared will be altimate payback for what pranks he did to me when i was young soo ple ase prank patrol please!!!!!!!