1. If your a ‘Wicked’ fan…Lucy Durack auditoned for this and never got past round one…how stupid are they over there? she is on the first episode for three secs about 13 minutes into the show.

  2. Damn! On bloody Pay TV!!! How unfair!
    Just wait until they show the next one … “Any Dream Will Do” where they are searching for the next Joseph … Barrowman and Norton are fabulous, the boys are “very talented” and Sir Andrew is a scream (in his own strange little way) it was a fantastic series!

  3. word on the street has been that Gary Barlow is writing this years UK entry and that it will be preformed by former ‘Blue’ singer Duncan James (he presented the UKs points in last years contest) if both singer and song are selected by the BBC it will be the first time ever the UK hasnt held some kind of public vote to choose singer and / or Artist for EV. Given (as far as im aware) there has been no call for artists or songs for the UK yet, its lookig likely the BBC will be choosing something internally.

  4. slightly off-topic David but do you know if ALW is lending his expertise to the selction of the UK’s Eurovision entry again this year? Or what novel scheme has the UK got for selecting their act this year?? I saw some of Your Country Needs You last year in the UK but hadn’t heard if they were going down the same path this year.

  5. I thought this was an old show. I remember seeing the winner on The Graham Norton Christmas Special once. I think it was his 2007 Christmas Special. Old or new, Im not interested in it anyway.

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