Generation’s Sunday sacrifice

TEN’s decision to move Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation from Tuesdays to Sundays is proving tricky after its second week well behind 2009 averages.

It took 1.09m viewers, third in its spot behind Border Security / Air Ways (1.27m / 1.26m) and Twenty20 Cricket (1.24m) -but it fared better in the key demos winning all groups. TEN did win the night in its target demos 16-39 and 18-49.

Even with demo wins Your Gen is still a long way behind the figures it used to attract on Tuesdays: between 1.5 – 1.7m. Now the network looks to it as its broad entertainment Sunday show in place of live Reality. Last week Your Gen took 1.06m in Total People.

Nine had a comfortable win for the night, with just News, cricket and the Olympics -up to 916,000. GO!’s big 4.6% share was more than both SBS channels combined.

The Good Wife was still good news for TEN on 1.25m, winning its slot with Bones having to settle for 1.15m.

David Tennant’s swansong in Doctor Who was 840,000.

Week 9


  1. I pretty much record everything as I have Twin-Tuner PVR, so Talking About Your Generation is one of the shows I record (along with The Good Wife, House, Bones and Castle), so it is pretty much ABC1/2 and SBS1/2 on Sundays (was GO with Weeds before as well it was removed).

    Same with Tuesday Night record Big Love and NCIS, while I watch Durham County on ABC2 and then i am set for the week where I watch what was recorded while recording other things (basically a day out watching shows).

    Then how I watch TV has no bearing on the Ratings regardless of how I watch it as I am not one of the 701 people who has a Ratings Box in Melbourne, if there was an every household system in place. I actually think the TV Ratings would be totally different to what they are now if that were the case, however they are not and I just have to take it for it is now and when fave shows get dumped, shrug and say oh well.

  2. I would love if Talkin bout your Generation would move back to Tuesdays as that night has nothing on. Top Gear is borderline sport in my book, that is why Channel 9 decided to push back the Olympic coverage for it. But they couldn’t do that on Monday night to put on Big Bang “oh no” Sport comes first. Well, enough of my ranting.

    If TBYG can’t move from Sundays at least move it to 6.30 pm instead. At the moment it clashes with too many shows that start at 8.30 with the, I don’t start and end exactly on and end of the hour thing. Also with the cricket being on, I have been lucky to see TBYG at all.

    Come on Channel 10 move TBYG to a better timeslot.

  3. Even if it moves back to Tuesday it will still be hurt, it will end up airring against Top Gear, and for some reason, the world enjoys seeing an old guy trying to be 20 again…

    @ Francis generally, when a network dominates a night, another network will try and kill it, and put their best shows on that night, in the states, NBC ruled Thursday nights for nearly 15 years with sitcoms like Cosby Show, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends and dramas like LA Law and ER, but then CBS began chipping away at Thursday night, with CSI, which at the time was all the buzz, and also the TV -lanscape changing Survivor. ABC then joined in all the fun and put Grey’s Anatomy against CSI.

    It’s natural for networks to do this, been done for ages.

    Sunday night started being the night to watch when Seven put Dancing with the Stars there, then they put their docu-dramas there, They then had their Bones/Castle Sunday nights and Seven began to win Sunday night, TEN this year has countered it with the young skewing and advertising loved Your Gen, the critically acclaimed Good Wife, then the ever reliable House, to compete with Sevens line-up. Nine has always had 60 minutes at 7:30, but then again, they sometimes airred 20 to 1 on Sunday, which was a ratings grabber as well.

  4. @ James, usually I compare the share percentage year-on-year, not total people figures. If I do ever compare total people figures, it is only to support my argument that all shows are down compared to last year because of the added competition from the digital channels. Last night when Generation, Cricket and Border Security/Airways was on, 325,000 people were watching commercial digital channels. That many viewers watching digital has to make a difference to the main channels’ figures…it would be very naive for anyone to just ignore the extra competition and assume that shows are going to rate the same this year as last year.

  5. @ Janey – I think it’s a tad hypocritical for you to say “I don’t think it’s fair to compare this year’s figures with last year’s for several reason” when on Media Spy under the nickname ‘CJM’ , you quite regularly compare results for Seven and Nine to their performances the year before.

  6. Just goes to show what happens when there’s a bit of competition around. The fact of the matter is Shaun Micallef and his high brow humour just doesn’t appeal to the majority of Australians. He really should get back to the ABC where he belongs.

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