Hungry Beast finds 80% favour internet filter

80% of Australians are in favour of the proposed internet filter according to a survey commissioned by Hungry Beast.

80% of Australians are in favour of the Federal Government’s proposed mandatory internet filter according to a new nationwide telephone poll commissioned by Hungry Beast.

The ABC show returns tonight and tackles the subject of the proposed internet filter.

Last week McNair Ingenuity Research asked a range of questions about issues relating to the proposed internet filter to 1,000 people. All states, territories and demographics were represented in the survey.

But the Hungry Beast survey also found that 91% of Australians were in favour of making public the list of websites that would be blocked by the internet filter. This sees the overwhelming majority of the population opposed to the Government’s current plan to keep the list of blocked websites secret.

The ABC show returns tonight at 9pm with an interview with Senator Stephen Conroy.

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  1. Will it end up like the recent case in Canada where the newspaper ‘The Beaver’ a mainstream regional publication named after the Canadian animal had to change its name?
    This suggests that a whole lot more ‘new’ names could be introduced by porn sites to get around the filter.
    Theoretically every word in the dctionary could be banned.

  2. At the moment, we have no idea what the question asked was, so no meaningful analysis can be conducted.

    Was the question whether they wanted children looking at porn, or whether they want a government mandated Internet censorship system?

    Two different questions which will yield polarising results.

  3. Yes I got the PR from ABC about this one and immediately wrote to Stephen Conroy disputing the polling figures, it is ludicrous that they poll 1000 people supposedly across the age demographic and the call the results for 15,000,00+/- voting age people, it’s a silly as the TV ratings system

  4. “I bet the people surveyed don’t even know what is in the proposed filter …
    ” (daqua_99)

    I’d take it another step and say 99% of people surveyed would absolutely no clue as to the huge impact to their internet speeds of implementing such a feature. I would guarantee that Hungry Beast did not mention this, nor would the ABC. Any survey can conjure the desired results by asking the right question in the right manner.

  5. All it proves is around 80% of the people they surveyed either don’t understand the ramifications or are in the hysterical “Won’t somebody think of the children !!!!!” brigade who don’t care about the ramifications.

    I’m surprised this issue wasn’t raised during Q&A with the PM.

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