Airdate: Movie: This is It

The Michael Jackson documentary This Is It will air on Foxtel's Box Office from April 14th.

Michael Jackson fans, or at least the ones that for some reason haven’t seen this, should note This Is It will air on Foxtel’s Box Office from April 14th.

The film was constructed around raw rehearsal footage of Jackson in the final days of his life.

Fascinating close-up and look at what might have been….

No doubt it will come to free movie channels thereafter.

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  1. Just over a month after the release of the dvd/blu-ray in Australia, pretty fast turn around. Won’t be long until it’s on the regular Foxtel movie channels (Showtime Premiere or Movie one), then FTA etc.

    I know the curious case of Benjamin Button also had a speedy premiere, but that was due to a deal with the film company.

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