Madonna gives marital advice on The Marriage Ref

So what kind of advice did Madonna have for bickering couples on The Marriage Ref?

Iguanas? No. Cats? No. Pets? No.

“Pets are weird. Period,” says Madonna.

Appearing on NBC’s The Marriage Ref, Madonna joined Larry David and Ricky Gervais in giving out marital advice to a couple who had a pet iguana that was being smothered with affection by the wife of the two. Her husband was especially upset about the iguana living on his leather couch.

“I think domesticating animals is weird, period. That said, they have cats so why can’t they have a lizard? I think they need to get rid of the couch.”

Larry David piped up, “How can anybody invite you over, you’re so critical of furniture?”

“You’re so critical of women! I’m never inviting you over,” she retorted.

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  1. I have no idea what the hell everyone is smoking but this show was hilarious! Larry David and Ricky Gervais on a show created by Jerry Seinfeld? Pure magic, Larry was on fire as usual, Madonna defending the lizard pretty sums up her personality and intelligence though was surprised to see Ricky on that same side. I have only seen this episode so maybe I thought it was hilarious because Larry David was on. For those attacking Larry for his remarks on Madonna, you clearly do not know Larry David’s sense of humor, it’s his rants and ravings that are contrastingly brilliant and funny, if you actually take him serious then you didn’t get it. But then, Australia “didn’t get” Seinfeld either even though the country jumped on the band wagon on the last Seinfeld episode claiming to be big fans. Yeah right, I remember during the years it was on, almost everyone I tried to talk to about. the show was completely clueless to Seinfeld, let alone being fans of the show.

  2. Madonna is starting to look like Cruella Deville…she needs to stop the plastic surgery. News flash Madonna, everyone gets old!!

    Larry David was a little bitter on the show because his wife, just divorced him and probably took half his fortune.

    Gervais, not that funny without a script.

    Oh yeah, the show is terrible.

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