New multichannel record

Another new record for digital channels was set as 7TWO hit a high of 6.7% share on Saturday.

Older viewers continue to rule Saturday night. Another new record for digital channels was set as 7TWO hit a high of 6.7% share on Saturday night.

A Touch of Frost netted 301,000 viewers, with a third of them in Melbourne.

Heartbeat was also big with 219,000 and World Around Us: The Shape of Things to Come took 144,000.

The 6.7% share surpassed SBS ONE’s 6.5% on one of its strongest viewing nights.

By contrast GO’s best was a Hogan’s Heroes repeat on 155,000 and ABC2’s movie To Sir with Love was 138,000.

Saturday night was certainly an anomaly in viewing with the ABC’s election coverage in South Australia netting it a huge 41.9% share in Adelaide.

Week 12

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  1. @Grinspoon, Hogan’s Heroes isn’t repeated to death, it has been shown in order.

    I’m a Generation Y’er and I’d prefer to watch Hogan’s, Get Smart, and Green Acres then The Hills, ER, and all the other stuff that’s supposed to aimed at Gen Y. I’m glad there’s choice.

  2. Hogan’s Heroes? Really?

    It’s a show repeated to death and for the life of me have always wondered if it was just incredibly cheap to air, or what due to all the old really good shows barely shown, even on foxtel. I guess people much like it after all.

    Eventually the digital channels I assume will rate not that far off the main ones. Literally everyone I know who has discussed these channels have said they have better programming.

    Something that I thought was interesting, I was under the impression Go was more youth orientated. Speaking to a guy in his late 40s about it, he brought it up saying he thought it was targeted at his age group.

  3. At what share % would it become commercially viable for the networks to consider making original content for the digital channels?

    I know its a one off but if the digital channel can pull the same figure as SBS, then wouldnt that make it somewhat attractive to advertisers and therefore warrant first run content?

  4. ran, there are significantly less viewers on a Saturday night 7two getting 300k on a saturday is a bigger achievement than GO! getting a 300k on any other day.

    6.7% for a digital channel is huge.

  5. These records are easier to break on a Saturday night with commerical nets already low; 300,000 isn’t an uncommon number with the digital channels Go has requently had shows reach above 300k yet the % not as high because programs on other networks are rating more than they do on a Saturday night.

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