Hungry Beast team for online project

Nine of the Hungry Beast team will remain with Zapruder’s Other Films after the season final airs this Wednesday.

Dan Ilic, Monique Schafter, Nick Hayden, Elmo Keep, Patrick Clair, Nick McDougall, Kirk Docker, Marc Fennell and Aaron Smith will develop an online project with the independent company.

“As well as being fresh TV content, we always looked on Hungry Beast as a way to find and develop new television talent,” Zapruder’s Head of Development and Production, Anita Jacoby said.

“And we did find people with great skills, who were bursting with ideas. We have put in a lot of training with them across the two series and we didn’t want to see that go out the door.

“So we looked at ways of keeping that talent and playing to both individual strengths and the way the market is heading.

“There is no doubt that online content is making a big noise and we want to explore that by taking creative risks and moving onto new ground.”

The ABC is yet to indicate if a third series of Hungry Beast will be picked up, or the future of the remaining HB team.


  1. These guys are great you haters are Paltroons ! The stories they bust would never see the light of day on mainstream media. The coles and woolies, Niel Blue, Cresco stories, off the top of my head. Cutting edge Gold! for Australia.

  2. Its a go for a 3rd series for me.

    Thank god we have found some young enthusiastic people with great skills, ideas and opinions out of the box. They have their fingers on the pulse about current issues, not just mainstream stuff. Its half an hour of journalism that calls it how it is and makes us laugh too! It can only get better. Remember these guys were hand picked by Denton and are the best young talent in the country, let them learn and blossom. Otherwise we will be watching old actors, sports celebrities, celebrity chiefs and comedians for a long time. Aren’t we sick of all those old chestnuts.

  3. I stuck out season 1, but couldn’t get past the early episodes of season 2. Doubt that I’ll pursue it online. I’m pleased if it got better.

  4. Despite it’s inconsistencies, this show has produced some really great television. It’s a shame if you missed these moments in amongst some of the no-so-funny attempts at sketch comedy.

  5. @Stan That was supposed to be a throw away line rather than a critique. But I don’t think the show belongs in its current timeslot. And no, I don’t like Spicks and Specks. And come to think of it I sort of do miss The Glass House.

  6. KFed, what’s your idea of a “good show”? Spicks & Specks, hosted by the ‘hilarious’ Adam Hills? Are we still missing The Glass House?

    I don’t get people who go out of their way to say they think a particular program is crap. For me, I’m pretty sure I hate 85% of what’s on-air at the moment, but you don’t see me trolling the Internet giving examples.

    Hungry Beast doesn’t play by the *rules* of television, & that’s why they’ll never attract the masses like Two & A Half Men… That’s a good thing by the way.

  7. It certainly got a lot better with season 2 and though ratings were not brilliant it did well with younger viewers. It doesn’t belong in a comedy slot but they did cover stories that no one else was covering. The strange Chris Morris light character of Veronica Dynamite was completely at odds with what the rest of the format by the time it got to series 2 and it was nice to see the guy with the ridiculous hair go away. They should probably give it another go, hopefully with less pointless info graphics.

  8. I do hope the ABC picks up a 3rd series. Despite low ratings and some criticism, I very much enjoy the show – I think it achieves what the 7pm project never will – half an hour of journalism that can be both poignant and hilarious in the same show or even same story.

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