Nine in joint BBC series on Great Barrier Reef

The Nine Network continues its growing pact with the BBC with the announcement of a new natural history series Great Barrier Reef.

Nine will co-produce the series with BBC and Digital Dimensions and Discovery Channel US.

To launch in 2012 the 3×50’ documentary will chart the natural history of the world-famous Reef, from Fraser Island in the south to its northernmost limits in Torres Straits.

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Programming, said, “We are proud to be partnered with the BBC on this landmark project. The Great Barrier Reef is a visual feast and the series will provide Australians with a wondrous journey through the area.”

Neil Nightingale, BBC Executive producer said, “This is the first ever definitive wildlife television series on the Great Barrier Reef. With the expertise of the joint production team from the BBC Natural History Unit and Queensland-based Digital Dimensions, the latest in filming technology and the support of the Nine Network and Discovery Channel US, we’ll capture the magic of the reef as it’s never been seen before.

“We look forward to showing this iconic natural miracle to worldwide audiences in a new light.”

The synopsis indicates: ‘The first episode will explore how the extraordinary structure of the Great Barrier Reef was created and continues to flourish, featuring cutting edge close-up technology to reveal the world of tiny animals which are the crucial foundation of the reef itself.

‘The second episode moves to the giant lagoon inside the reef where the land meets the sea, with the third episode focusing on the remote outer reefs – vast, isolated and rarely visited.’

Nine has recently been expanding its BBC titles including Top Gear and the upcoming Sherlock series.

Great Barrier Reef is currently filming on location.


  1. if it been film by the BBC London and Nine Australia we should get thiis add free because they for exp they might be filming whale sharks and then they go to and add and when they come back they goon of to film whales so i say add free

  2. Sorry for sounding like another Nine cynic here, but are they only interested in this because it’s set in Australia? Or, shock, horror: are they starting to get their Kerry Packer era brain back?

    Bonehead television like Top Gear suits Nine very well, but any non-sensationalist documentary like this wouldn’t get the numbers they want. The last proper documentary I saw Nine ever screen was something about ‘Hitler In Colour (??)’ on a random Saturday afternoon about five years ago. I think Warner Brothers produced it…

  3. If the trend continues, eventually the BBC will stop supplying its programming to the ABC and stop co-producing programs with the ABC. And that will mean bad news for viewers here.

  4. tasmanian devil

    “Nine has recently been expanding its BBC titles including Top Gear and the upcoming Sherlock series.”

    And the less said about Survivors, the better.

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