ER soars on Timeshifted

Has ER broken a new viewing record?

Sort of….On Thursday night on GO! 197,000 viewers watched it live, up slightly on the previous week of 185,000.

But it was the 1am repeat last week where it really had an increase, in its Timeshifted results for April 29th.

While 2,000 viewers watched it live / as live, 24,000 recorded the repeat -that’s staggering boost of 1200%.

April 29
RNK, Description, STN, Overnight, Consolidated, 000’s Increase, % Increase
1 The Amazing Race Seven 626,000 720,000 94,000 15.0%
2 Glee Ten 1,187,000 1,268,000 81,000 6.8%
3 Medium Ten 479,000 544,000 66,000 13.8%
4 Flashforward Seven 216,000 274,000 58,000 26.9%
5 Law And Order: SVU Ten 683,000 736,000 52,000 7.6%
6 Masterchef Australia Ten 1,531,000 1,583,000 52,000 3.4%
7 Kokoda ABC1 788,000 839,000 51,000 6.5%
8 Criminal Minds Seven 761,000 805,000 45,000 5.9%
9 Sea Patrol Nine 1,049,000 1,087,000 38,000 3.6%
10 E.R Go! 2,000 26,000 24,000 1200.0%

It probably means PVRs were already working overtime when the show had its 9:30 first-run episode.


  1. The number advertisers will look is the first figure,they will never include any others as people who have recorded them will always skip the adds.That’s why i have always thought this was the wrong way to go about it when it comes to ratings.It might be interesting for the viewer,but it’s the advertisers that have the final say.The rating system before worked fine now it’s stuffed

  2. OK, so say for example that 20 of the people who have OzTAM boxes in their houses happen to be massive ER fans suddenly 24000 Aussies are taping ER at 1am, just shows how unreliable the ratings system can be

  3. @ Dave: if by “taped copy” from the US, Con means “internet torrent”, then I can guarantee you a hugely significant number of people download tv shows by such means before they air in Australia. It’s particularly prolific amongst the prime young adult and youth demographics.

  4. The last season of ER is really good. Even if you’ve missed a couple of seasons due to Ch9, it’s still easy to follow. And there’s always a good cast. I do wish that GO! would repeat it at 1pm on Fridays instead of Gossip Girl.

  5. @ Con,

    How many Australian’s do you think put effort into getting a “taped copy” from the US for their favourite shows? I think alot of people on this site really over estimate how popular getting programming through other means really is.

  6. Proving to 9 that they should of continued to show ER late last year. 190k is Amazing considering the amount of Australian ER fans/viewers who would of got fed up and got a “taped copy” from a friend in the US *cough* .

  7. Gary Wallace

    And people believe these figures…give me a break.
    Normal rating figures are a bit of a joke but these so called timeshift figures are from fairyland.

  8. And that’s exactly why GO! should be repeating their primetime overnight instead of that home shopping BS (although they did slightly relent this week)

    Oh, and the shift workers benefit too of course..

  9. See this proves if you put a show on and people know about it (no matter the time) they will record it to watch later, lots of people have been doing this since the early days on the VCR. Assuming they could program the thing.

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