Returning: 20 to 1

Bert's back hosting the clips from next month with a 'Caught on Tape' episode.

Bert to 1 is back on Wednesday June 9th at 9:30pm with “Caught on Tape.”

We’re in for the good, the bad and the ugly as we countdown some of the most captivating events caught on tape. These are the moments we discussed around the water cooler and shared over the internet.

This would seem to suggest that two episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? (US) will not be airing, at least in the current timeslot: NFL player Emmit Smith and film director Spike Lee.

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  1. Yeah regular 0 sucks…heaven forbid e sould actually watch a show made in Australia, but Australians, featuring Australians. And are a Z grade celebrities opinions any less important than anyone that just posted their opinon of 20 to 1 in this thread?????

    Say what you will about 20 to 1’s quality – and is it really that bad? – at least it is Australian, not like much of GO!’s programming which is very dated and Very old American sitcoms and dramas….how groundbreaking.

  2. Time for a quick edit to include fergie(will be pretty obvious if they have the c-grade personalites/9 heads talking about it)
    or it could be a half hour of underbelly promos, as the show is caught on tape…

  3. Who on earth watches this stuff?????????

    Seriously it’s the epitome of TV’s worst.

    B-grade “celebs” who have been shown a package of clips, then feed written lines and other things to say to then talk about the clip. Often it’s some just describing a clip we’re about to see or just seen.

    It’s tv in the mould of, we just need something anyone can walk in the room, switch on and immediately know whats happening. The fact enough people watch this for prime time is scary.

  4. Yes, the show is getting very tired and boring now and I’m sure they have done every single category that they can do twice already. But you must remember that it does fall in the same genre as Hey Hey: nostalgia. So in that case, I think it’s okay for it to go after it. At this point, I can’t think of a better option. Too bad SBS has the UK episodes of Who Do You think You Are.

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