Tanya Ha on Catalyst

Author Tanya Ha has joined ABC’s Catalyst for a series of reports on the science of sustainability.

As well as being a leading Australian environmentalist, Ha is also a media commentator on environmental issues and an advocate for scientific literacy. In 2003, she launched her first book Greeniology, now a best seller, described as the ‘environment bible’ and was arguably Australia’s first localised mainstream reference for green living. She has been described as ‘the Nigella Lawson for the green cause’.

Nick Lee, Executive Producer for Catalyst said: “I’m delighted to welcome Tanya as a contributor to Catalyst. I really admire her commitment to showing how science can make a real difference in our lives.

“I believe her passion for communicating science, as well as her practical approach and relaxed style will connect well with our audience.”

In the first of six reports, Ha turns her attention to urban rooftops to demonstrate the benefits of a really efficient cooling system –the garden.

Her Catalyst episodes begin on May 20th at 8.00pm on ABC1.

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