Gone: The Middle, Old Christine. Bumped: The Bachelor

Even on a digital channels there are no guarantees a show will stay put.

GO! is removing The Middle and The New Adventures of Old Christine from Tuesday nights.

They are replaced by The Bachelor: London Calling from next week. It had been airing at 8:30pm but now moves to 7:30pm and is replaced by CSI: Miami repeats.

Last night GO!’s share was 1.5%, a long way behind Sunday’s 5.0%. The Nine Network landed in third place overall for the second night in a row.

Daytime repeats of the PG-rated Bachelor will be replaced by Hogan’s Heroes repeats.

Updated: The Middle no longer airing Thursday 24th, now double Big Bang Theory.


  1. Tasmanian de√il

    Why are they skipping two episodes of The Middle? ‘Siblings’ is ep 9 but so far they have only played up to ep 6. I don’t mind so much that they’re changing the timeslot, at least it’s being shown, but why skip episodes? I guess the answer to that is “It’s channel 9”.

  2. Gee wiz GO! I really like Christine and The Middle and like it has been mentioned decided to drop shows after looking at ratings for a night when it is up against the final of AGT is stupid.
    GO! should look at doing blocks eg like the CSI together, comedy block together,classic tv together and then keep them in the same time day and what people to start habit viewing.

  3. Yeah they are moving “Chuck” to 10.30pm in favour of two hours of “The Bachleorette” – another stupid reality show. They should of left “Chuck” where it was at 8.30pm.

  4. Oh for crying out loud! Old Christine is flat out hilarious! It is Emmy winning! And has had 5 seasons! And in Aus, we have seen less than half!!! GO!!!! Grrrrr And the Middle is very funny also! Nobody wants to see tired old rehashed reality!

  5. i can’t be bothered with GO anymore… too many schedule changes, there’s no point in watching a show because you don’t know it will be there next week. And 7TWO isn’t a lot better.

  6. So The Middle moves to Thursdays next week, well at least that’s something. But it deserves a better time slot like Modern Family got on TEN.

    Too bad Old Christen is still gone, that’s a show will 88 eps that could be on 5 nights a week, like Seinfeld. Burn it off from the pilot over 4 or 5 months.

  7. New episodes of The Middle supposedly start next Thursday at 9pm.Surely it would’ve made more sense to run new episodes on Tuesday nights when they started showing them about a month ago.

    GO are getting really annoying with their changing timeslots or axing of shows.

  8. so sick of here’s lucy, bewitched, i dream of jeannie, hogan’s heroes, all these old shows that have been Played to Death! The Middle is hilarious and adorable and suprisingly equal to Modern Family’s juggernaut of a show.


  9. that’s a shame, i had fallen into a habit of going through the week pressing record on all the good comedies: 30rock, community, inbetweeners, these 2, modern family, ect. and then watching them all back to back when i had time. now there is 2 less. atleast HIMYM and cougar are back now.

  10. Go sure hasn’t lived up to what it was meant to be, I thought shows were suppose to be played out Old Christine is a hilarious show I just hope they at least air it late night.

  11. Geez I would much rather TBBT than another flipping CSI episode.

    Doeds Go! really think that 3 hours of CSI is really the absolute best programming they can have on a Friday night!? Unbelievable.

  12. 9 are hopeless Australia’s Got Talent has now finished so why decide now to take the comedies off? Also instead of repeats of Hogan Heroes why can’t The Middle and Old Christine screen there instead?

    This is exactly why I trust 7 more then any other network because atleast 7 can use off peak timeslots to air their shows that don’t rate on either 7 or 7two.

  13. So I won’t be watching GO! next Tuesday day night, thank a lot Nine/GO! you’ve lost another viewer.

    The Middle is a good show and deserves to be on a better channel, look at what TEN has done with Modern Family.

  14. Was there anyone left to watch GO last night with nearly 4 million watching Seven and Ten from 7.30, plus another 1 mil watching Top Gear on NIne?

    All channels were down last night except Ten, Seven and SBS. Some will swing back to Nine and GO form next week as I don’t see MInute to Win it rating anywhere near what AGT was. Why react to figures on a night with a reality competition final and Ten’s best night of the week?

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