ABC News 24 promo

If you haven't seen it, here's the whiz-bang promo for ABC News 24.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the whiz-bang promo for ABC News 24.

There’s still no official start date but all the signs hint at this week.

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  1. I think the ABC will start this news channel, on July 24 (24/7), hence Julia Gillard will not call an election untill that Saturday, to mark the beginning of the new Channel. Of course I could be completely wrong

  2. Hmmm, all there news comes from the SD channels. So I wonder what exactly is going to be HD? The studio I guess.

    I dont think we will ever see a launch date, as I doubt anyone there really knows what it is. Surely the time to go live was with a change of Gov.?

  3. @ CatFan – Channel 202 is a HD channel – yes – as ABC News 24 is – and will be free to all viewers who have the IQ2 you need to be able to receive HD channels. Without IQ2, you won’t be able to see the channel.

    Was the same for channel 200 – for SBS 3D during the soccer – could be seen by everyone, whether you were paying for HD or not.

  4. The SD picture quality of both of Foxtel’s 2 Aus Sky channels has always been terrible, so this channel being in HD is an advantage.

    Selling the ABC news channel to overseas (for any cable networks interested in Europe, Asia) will help generate some funds, but if they’re not going to have ads, how will they be able to pay news anchor staffers, reporters and producers for the 24 hour channel, as they’ll need to all be paid and satellite crosses to overseas will cost as well.

  5. @AndrewB the move to be on Foxtel ch202 is a worry as channels in the 200’s are HD channels so if it’s in HD most Foxtel subscribers won’t be able to view it. Perhaps it will be included in the HD package only? I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens as uncle Rupert absolutely hates competition from the new public broadcaster news channels – just look what he’s done to BBC News Channel by moving it well away from other news channels in the Foxtel channel line up.

    From what I understand free to air broadcasters pay to have their channels on Foxtel so the ABC should demand that News 24 has a good channel spot and is available in SD.

  6. It’s a huge world, it’s a complex world. At times exhilarating, at times infuriating, and it’s all here on abc news 24.

    Not an exact quote, but man I’ve heard that line so, so many times, getting sick of the promo.

    On a lighter and more friendlier note, I am quite looking forward to this channel. I’ve always like sky news but never had foxtel (and not willing to fork out money for it because I find with a combo of tv and on sale dvd box sets, there’s always more than enough for me to watch), and this channel looks to be of better quality (ie more polished and less boring looking) than ABC’s nightly state bulletins.

  7. ABC News Breakfast – for those not on the east coast will be live on ABC News 24 and delayed on ABC2. In the east, its on both channels, same time.

    ABC News 24 will be Foxtel channel 202 – for cable and satellite. Will be on Austar as well.

  8. If ABC were smart they would launch this new channel this week. Just in time for the announcement that we will be going to the polls on xx/xx/xxxx date..

    ..also will this channel be coming to foxtel David? You seem to know whats happening on the inside.

  9. Yes, that’s impressive! A lot of money thrown at that three and a half minute promo. How will this news channel sit within the rest of the viewing landscape? Do we need another whole channel? I am curious as to what they will keep, news wise on ABC1, and how much cross over there will be. And can they sort out their technical glitches? Editorially and for sheer international scope they are in front – but budgets have always kept them a little behind the others, finesse wise. We shall see. Torn between Sky News and ABC1 now – just habits i suppose.

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