30 Rock plans live episode

Too much fun…

30 Rock is planning a live to air episode. In fact, make that two episodes.

“Tina (Fey) is up for it, were just doing as much as we can to garner attention for the shows and stay true to them creatively. A West Coast original and an East Coast original and yes we did ask (them to do it),” says Angela Bromstad, NBC President of Prime-time Entertainment.

ER is another scripted show that famously staged a live-to-air episode.

The episode is planned for mid October in the US.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


  1. Oh and btw apparently this will be filmed at the actual 30 rock, not the studios they normally film the interiors at. So I don’t know what that means. How would the match up be? Did they just rebuild the 30 rock sets properly or not?

    We’ll see.

  2. @Chris

    spots for scripted shows are so limited these days. Like how on earth did (US) the office fail in prime time? The fact something like modern family seems to be doing ok to not be ditched or bumped to late night is amazing. Yes it’s a great show, but there’s so many great shows that their just isn’t room on the schedule for.

    Problem is, the easiest thing for a net work to do is put on some generic show where no viewer loyalty is required, whether reality or what not and enough drones will leave it on while doing the ironing, cooking dinner that there’s the pretence it rates because every several minutes someone looks up and sees or hears what’s happening. Luckily doing so is the way the show is designed so they are never lost. It’s TV programming to be the background noise of the modern age. Not to be something to grab attention. It’s to be consumed in lapses of attention for other activities.

  3. Have to agree that the Will and Grace Live episodes were great, I wish I got to see both the wet and east coast versions to see how mucch the differed in the way of keep to the script and not cracking up. The scene where Jack revealed his missing eyebrow was hilarious.

  4. Umm the best live episodes ever on NBC were both from Will and Grace.

    I loved their season 8 opener live ep and episode 12 where it was live again.

    Ohh they were the best!!!

  5. Why not?

    Unless the gimmick of doing live is there in place of a good story idea.

    I assume it’ll be something like, on the show they are filming a TGS episodes and things behind the scenes are going wrong.

    Also live isn’t single cut or anything. So could cut away to jack upstairs live with his storyline and have it some how collide with the tgs one, to hilarious consequences.

  6. Hope it goes well for 30 Rock. Though I don’t know how they would work it in. With ER, the entire storyline was that the show was filmed like a documentary, the doctors and nurses took the cameras around the hospital and such, and found creative ways to go to ad breaks, like a guy punching the camera and such.

    For 30 Rock, it might well be “just another episode” just live. I do hope it goes well though, good luck to them.

  7. Will and Grace also succcessfully did a live to air episode they did 2 episodes live in the final season actually both performed twice one for east one for west coast viewers; they were very funny episodes.

  8. Great idea and very brave – I loved the Will and Grace live episode – Sean Hayes and Debra Messing triggering each other’s laughter and trying to get back on script. Can 7 please air 30 rock at a good time of the night?

  9. So I guess it won’t be live here 😛

    So I read it right, they are planning to do the show twice, live for both sides of the US? Wow I wonder which we will get here… not that it matters 🙂

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