Airdate: 2010 Commonwealth Games

TEN has released details of its first week of Commonwealth Games programming.

The Opening Ceremony will not begin until midnight, Sunday October 3rd in Sydney and Melbourne due to the time difference and Daylight Saving.

It will run until 4am on Monday October 4th.

For once, viewers in Perth will get the best primetime advantage over their East Coast counterparts.

It will be preceded by Learn India with Hamish and Andy at 7:30pm, Offspring (8:30pm), Good News Week (9:30pm) and a 7PM Project special at 11pm.

Good Morning Delhi, hosted by Brad McEwan and Kath Robinson airs daily from 6am – 9am weekdays.

Live afternoon coverage of the Games is 1 – 5pm.

Live evening coverage begins at 6pm and ends at 4am.

On Saturday October 9th it begins at 11:30am.

All times are AEDT.


  1. The opening ceremony was spectacular with traditions and heritage of India that is based on the fundamentals of years of discipline and practice and yet discipline, basic etiquettes common courtesy and eloquence is so lacking in the Indian public.
    Who was this despicable guy who carried the baton with chewing gum in his mouth? Are Indians truly losing sight of respect for honored moments and occasions? Who was managing these buffoons?
    It is so clear India needs to spruce up its education system and stop pretending they are doing so. How can one believe this when Mr Suresh Kalmadi and the President of India are not educated enough to deliver a speech properly. They could have done that in their National language if they did not know English.
    How can the heads of a Nation be the cause of laughter and humiliation for all Indians living abroad? Indians start to gain merits based on delivery. No more “Shan Patti” We need smart educated head of State and Country to emerge as a super power

  2. I cannot belive that there is no HD simulcast for ONE HD during the opening ceremony and channel 10’s coverage is awful with pathetic commentary with Robert Walls (what a joke!!!!) as the only male broadcaster for TEN!!!!!!

  3. From a fans POV the (TEN) have little choice but to show the F1 live on ONE, as they do now, with the Games live on TEN. Then re-run the F1 on TEN at a later time, same for the bikes (not sure if they clash)

    I’m guessing this will push those still on analogue to go digital.

  4. Surely I’m not going crazy; I’m pretty certain I saw ads for the games with a commenatator saying the games will be shown in HD. While this would suggest simulcast, its better than nothing…

  5. Seens stupid ONE can’t be used for extra coverage due to the anti-siphoning laws when Foxtel are showing six channels.

    Surely common sense should prevail and allow ONE to be used for additional coverage when it’s clear Ten isn’t just passing the event over to a digital channel.

  6. @Craig: lucky you asked about F1. There is an F1 race in Japan on October 10, and it seems that ONE will show it live while the Commonwealth Games continue on Ten, with a replay in the early morning of October 11.

  7. So I guess this all this coverage (and no 3rd ch) there will be no regular programs during the games and ONE will simulcast it or will there be no HD coverage?

    What will happen with other live sports like the F1?

  8. Wow cant wait for the big event to start. We can show everyone how much taxpayers money we waste on 86 medals, bring it on! I doubt the athletics who pulled out aren’t particularly worried about it. Ten can talk it up with Howie what a big event it wuill be. It’s honestly nothing more than a storm in a teapcup for Ten!

  9. Gotta hand it to C10 for vain attempts to get the mases interested in sports/sporting events that the majority Don’t give a Fig about. If it’s not the poor-mans Olympics games than it’s the victorian handball. It wont matter how much air-time it gives to promoting victorian handball in NSW/LLD, we don’t care. Same goes for the comm games. Yawwwnnn!

  10. The daylight saving means the opening ceremony will begin in Perth at 9pm, so Ten will have to decide whether to show Offspring in that city that night. And has Ten decided whether the live coverage will continue on ONE when Ten News at Five is on, given the Games are on the Federal Government’s anti-siphoning list?

  11. That’s some pretty good coverage, good on ya Ten. Was worried it was going to be a bit watered down, despite them advertising it so much.
    Still angry they dropped basketball from these Games though!

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