Airdate: Matty Johns Controversy Corner

Seven has announced a new Sunday morning NRL show, Matty Johns Controversy Corner, to premiere 10am Sunday September 12th.

‘Controversy Corner’ is currently a segment of The Matty Johns Show.

Matty Johns Controversy Corner serves up a 1 hour feast of finals footy. Throughout the finals join Matty Johns and a regular panel of Steve “Blocker” Roach, Paul Kent and special guests as they review, preview and debate all the finals footy action, and of course Matty will leave his own irreverent mark on the road to the NRL Grand Final.

Meanwhile AFL Game Day is also getting a weeknight version Game Day Prime Time to air in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth from next Thursday, September 9th at 7:30pm. The line-up for the new show is due to be announced shortly.


  1. Good idea, CC is the best part of the Matty Johns Show. The Matty Johns Show needs a heap of work done on it in the off-season. It needs to decide exactly what it wants to be. I would argue that it needs much more football oriented content, there are too many skits that fall flat and add nothing to the show.

  2. smells of desperation again by 7. 9s sports shows on sunday are good and everyone likes thwm especially the 2 nrl footy shows. because they’re doing well, 7 want it=n on it and don’t want to miss out on the nrl pie. why don’t thye come up with something original for once

  3. I’ll be sticking with the Nine’s shows on Sunday (NRL Footy Show and Sunday Roast). But then I watch Thursday NRL Footy Show and not the general entertainment show that Seven show.

  4. I really enjoyed the matty johns show when it started. They have dropped the tipping of teams each week and it has really focused on general entertainment over the last month or 2. The time sonya kruger guest hosted was rock bottom for me. I now just record the show on my iQ2 and fast forward to the controversy corner segment and delete after watching that segment.

    A whole show of controversy corner would be great in principal so looking forward to it. Hopefully it will stay true to its concept.

  5. Probably smart to put it at 10am so it isn’t clashing with Nine’s established RL shows (Sunday Footy Show at 11 and Sunday Roast at 12). At 10 it’s up against the snorefest Wide World of Sports which is much less difficult competition. Remains to be seen if this will be any good, but there’s not too much wrong with three consecutive hours of footy talk on a Sunday

  6. Jason Stevens has zero talent. None what so ever.

    I think this could be a decent move, it will lead into Channel 9’s Footy Show on a Sunday so it will get viewers. Not sure about the lineup though.

    Johns isn’t a good front man, Steve Roach has nothing of any interest to say and spends his time playing a character, while Paul Kent just gets talked over.

    You can be sure that every John Singleton employee will get a run during this show to fill time though. The same old guests…..very boring.

  7. It’s not for the first time, and certainly not for the last that i find myself in compete disagreement with you.

    Jason stevens would probably be my favourite on the show, I’m disappointed that I’ve missed the last few due to a clash with recruits.

  8. It was obvious to any viewer that this is the best part of the show.. Unfortunately the “producers” are ignorant.. Why start this with 4 weeks of the season left..? To try to save their jobs..?? The cost of this show Vs the viewing numbers mean it cannot be sustained.

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