Junior Masterchef format

Junior MasterChef will screen on Sunday nights for three weeks before breaking for the Commonwealth Games.

The Age reports that when it returns on October 17 with its 50 contestants whittled down to 12 it will run on Sunday, Monday and Friday, with the final episode of the week being a Masterclass.

The winner will receive a $15,000 trust fund, the runner-up will get $10,000 and the third and fourth placegetters will each receive $5000.

Each of the 50 contestants on the show will take home a swag bag of goodies, including a Sunbeam MixMaster.

Other points of difference from the adult version include eliminations on a fortnightly basis, in groups of four; accumulation of points on an ongoing basis; and the award of points merely for participation.

The show premieres premiere 7.30pm Sunday September 12 going head to head with The X Factor.

Source: The Age


  1. only just noticed the total prize money for the winner.. $15,000.. is it just me, or with all of their revenue from this show, isn’t that a bit stingy? I would’ve thought they’d give away at least $50,000 to the winner..

  2. Rushed to air to combat X Factor then pulled for a few weeks for the Commonwealth Games….any momentum they build up will have to be built all over again, bad move.

  3. The Swag bag sounds like a not so jolly swag man who’s still waiting for his billy to boil! I mean the adults got not consolation prizes, they got an eliminator. Also there is a female judge, that I thank God she isn’t Donna Hay. She did the Cruskits advertising. Also one promo showed us one of them called George a monkey! The original promo had Matt getting kicked in the shins, what about his balls! This one will be popular I hope and I be tuned in each episode!

  4. That prize money is a little unfair, considering not only the child exploitation factor, but also the amout of revenue Channel 10, the judges (and their restaurants) and production company are going to make.

    At least align a child with a charity perhaps?

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