The Event and Hawaii-Five-0 open well in US

No blockbuster hit, but the premiere numbers are good for The Event and Hawaii Five-0 in the US.

New dramas The Event and Hawaii Five-0 have debuted well with US audiences.

The Event scored NBC’s highest non-Olympic rating in the hour since February last year, up 68% from the underwhelming premiere of Trauma in the same period last Fall.

CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 won its hour but was down 12% from the season premiere of CSI: Miami in the time slot last Fall.

The new Chuck Lorre comedy Mike and Molly on CBS did far better than Worst Week did in the same slot last year.

Lone Star on FOX was the lowest-rated program on the big 4 networks by a mile, losing 69% of its House lead-in.

Deadline Hollywood reports there was no blockbuster hit despite heavy promotion for new titles. A rival network exec also says of The Event,”It was a solid opening for them, but several similar shows have opened well and faded quickly.

“It’s ultimately not how many you get; it’s how many you can keep.”

The Event airs on Seven in Australia next week while Nine has Mike and Molly and TEN has Hawaii Five-0 and Lone Star.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I really liked the new Hawaii 5 0. It had the right levels of action, witty dialogue and a great storyline. No need to compare it to the original show – it is just a great show in its own right. I am an Alex fan so maybe I am biased, but my husband (who was a fan of the original H50) thought that the new H50 was a winner too. The partnership of McGarrett and Danno is going to be fun and exciting to watch. Talk about Love-Hate!!

  2. I just don’t see The Event surviving as an 8.30 Monday show on Channel 7. Ch7 should have tried something different. A big premiere on both the main channel and Seven2 at the same time on Monday and then continued with the 2nd episode the following Tuesday on Seven2 a few hours after its broadcast in America.

  3. What a horrible result for FOX. Lethal for Lonestar. I read somewhere that it was the worst premiere of any network primetime show in the history of this system of ratings recording.

  4. @ chk chk – Nine will probably pair Mike & Molly up with 2.5 Men on Monday nights.

    @ JulieS – I’m a huge fan of the 70’s show and for me this remake will never be as good. Having said that I’ll probably enjoy the new version in it’s own right as aside from the basic concept it’ll likely be light years from the original.

  5. As a fan of the original Hawaii Five-O series I visit a few boards and groups where the reviews for the show are very mixed. There are some who hated it, some who loved it and those who are waiting to see how the show develops before making a final decision. All of this goes to fuel the fire of the fight over whether or not the new show will measure up the old one. There are a lot of people who are very passionate about the old show. Most of the ones passionate about the new show have been Alex O’Loughlin fans. All in all it makes for very interesting reading.

  6. “Lost” confusing rubbish I couldn’t get into…

    “Flash Forward” half way through the first ep I gave up on it, and knew it wouldn’t last…

    “The Event” yet another one with too many confusing flashbacks, it won’t last…

  7. I’m hoping The Event works here but I can see it moving to 9:30 or later if things don’t work out. I liked and loved the WTF moment near the end, Mike and Molly was good as well, I hope Nine show it soon. Speaking of, is there any news on when TEN will air the new Hawaii Five-O?

  8. Big morningfor the US networks
    Chase also premiered to surprisingly decent numbers last night.

    terrible premier for Lonestar. i thought might have had something. although it is good news for oher FOX shows as the are bound to start swinging the axe to make way for the X factor and Terra Nova next Fall so need to clear out 4 hours. there was word that even Bones would be on the line if Lonestar was a hit.
    the other big news is House; big declines season on season. but the respective networks would be happy with Event, Hawaii and Molly.

  9. I watched The Event last night. It was ok. I think it may end up being too ‘sci-fi’ for an aussie market. It will be a fave amongst people on this site but I doubt it will translate in to sustainable numbers. I give it 4 eps before 7 move its timeslot and another 3 before it is moved to 72 or 73.

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