Frozen Planet series for Nine

The Nine Network has picked up another BBC documentary series, Frozen Planet.

The series is narrated by David Attenborough and comes from the makers of the Planet Earth series.

Due to launch in 2011, it is described as an epic portrait of two disappearing wildernesses – the Arctic and the Antarctic, before they change forever. Four years in the making, the programme makers have embarked on an ambitious polar expedition, enlisting Russian nuclear submarines deep under the ice, Royal Naval helicopters air-lifting them into giant ocean swells, and US ice-breakers.

Other BBC natural history content will air on GEM this year: Wild South America: Andes to Amazon, Wild Caribbean, and David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals.

Frozen Planet offers a breath-taking perspective on the visual beauty of our planet,” added Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Programming. “Quality content from celebrated program makers such as David Attenborough continues to resonate powerfully with our audiences.”

Nine has already picked up Great Barrier Reef from BBC to air in 2012.


  1. Has anyone noticed that Channel 9 started airing the series with the second episode? I’d love to know when the first episode “To the ends of the earth” will be shown – so far, in Melbourne, we have seen episode 2 “spring” on 2 Nov and episode 3 “summer” on 6 Nov.

  2. I’ve already pre-ordered the DVD and book from the BBC Shop. I will not watch a beautiful program like this on a commercial channel who will only destroy it.
    Why hasn’t the ABC got this????

  3. I don’t think ABC is too worried about this. Apart from Frozen Planet, all of these titles have already aired on ABC1 years ago. Nine (and maybe SevenTwo) seem more like UK channel, Dave, by screening ABC’s old dregs like they do up there with BBC content.

    Most of these docos are too old for HD anyway.

    Johnson, ABC DVD still manage to release a lot of BBC DVDs & Blu-rays that don’t make it to ABC Television, like Top Gear (Nine & SBS), Hotel Babylon (Nine), A History Of Scotland (SBS) & Battlefield Britain (SBS) for memory.

  4. @Jen13, totally agree !

    All of David Attenboroughs BBC doco’s should only ever be shown on the ABC. 9 will not only fill the show with adds but will fill the shows with pop up promos for anything else they are flogging.

  5. What terrible news!
    I adore David Attenborough’s programs but will not watch them on a commercial station (esp ch 9) due to frustrating late starts together with simply appalling and numerous ad breaks.
    I’ll also wait for the DVD release.

  6. The ABC must be angry and disappointed that it has missed out on another wonderful documentary series (and potential share in DVD sales out of it).

  7. When Nine aired David Attenborough docos back in 2008 on Monday nights before Sea Patrol they did around 1.3 and even reached almost 1.6 million at one stage so it’s not surprising Nine is interested in picking these up. No doubt it’s a different TV climate now but this should still do well – they’re great viewing!

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