Q & A: Oct 4

Geoffrey Robertson, best known for his legendary Geoffrey Robertson's Hypotheticals, will join a ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ Q & A.

Geoffrey Robertson, best known for his legendary Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals, will join the Q & A panel on Monday night.

Robertson works as a human rights lawyer. Last month he said the Pope should resign for failing to act on child abuse in the Catholic Church.

Also appearing are:

· Leading political commentator and author Paul Kelly,
· Indonesian journalist Ratih Hardjono,
· British Pakistani author and political campaigner Tariq Ali, and
· New York columnist Lenore Skenazy.

This ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ special will broadcast live (AEDT) from the Sydney Opera House. With Daylight Saving in effect it will be interesting to see how this impacts on the show’s popular engagement with Twitter.

It airs 9:35pm Monday on ABC1.

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  1. This should be good!
    The ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ was very interesting.
    I don’t normally watch the Q&A show, though often am tempted.
    Isn’t it the one that has twits twitter rubbish scrolling along the bottom of the screen?
    Will place something against the TV screen to hide them, just this once.
    I guess I’m too old/stupid/whatever to be able to listen and read at the same time!

  2. Vinny, most people live in the East. If ABC News24 picks up live Q&A episodes again then they should just re-re-name it ABC HD already (I’d also like to see them move The 7:30 Report from 7:30 AEDT).

    Doesn’t the Q&A website stream video live?

  3. David,

    This prompts me to say, couldn’t Tony Martin have a quiet word with the Paul Kellys – the editor at large of the Oz; the singer-songwriter; and the 1995 Bronlow Medallist. All on one show. Someone should.

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