Grey’s Anatomy plans musical episode

It’s been mooted for a while, but Shonda Rhimes has now confirmed Grey’s Anatomy will air a musical episode.

“Nobody is going to be dancing and singing down the halls; that’s not our show,” Rhimes tells “Our show is known for its music. I very much wanted to do something that was musical without being a musical.”

That means stars like Sara Ramirez (Dr. Callie Torres), who won a Tony, and singer Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey) will be written heavily into the storyline.

“You will be very surprised to discover that some people sing quite well. That’s sort of a little gift to the fans, to discover that people who are not necessarily known for singing have pretty great voices. Also, some people won’t be singing because it doesn’t go with the story,” says Rhimes.

“It’s definitely a Callie-heavy story, but it’s a story that we would’ve told whether there was singing or not. It’s always nice to have a Tony winner on deck to do a little singing,” she adds.

Rimes says she was inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s musical episode, to a certain extent. Scrubs is another to have aired a musical episode.

“The storyline is in very early stages. We’re not going to have an episode where you turn on the television and people are singing for no reason. It has a reason, there’s a story underneath it and there’s a point to the whole thing. I’m still nervous about it, because you can do something like this and it can come out not the way you intended. I have been working on this very carefully because I want it to still be our show, but also heighten it,” explains Rhimes.

As opposed to singing Broadway songs Rhimes says the show will be singing songs that Grey’s Anatomy has made famous.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I have watched the Buffy musical ep over 20 times on DVD – absolutely love it!! But I’m very skeptical about Greys… it’s a different style of show and could ruin it. I hope I’m proved wrong…

  2. I gotta go with Fonzie on the ski’s here. As noted the Buffy one worked so well because a) it was Buffy and the magical element was a key factor, but it always worked well because Joss wrote some pretty funny songs that suited the characters 100%.

    To have the characters singing ‘pop’ songs mid shift will be a little jarring to say the least. Seriously, is Meredith cracking out Chasing Cars whilst contemplating yet another world first surgery in the hospital.

  3. “I have been working on this very carefully because I want it to still be our show, but also heighten it”.

    I’ve read they’ve taken a risk with a Documentary style episode on the shooting – didn’t rate as highly as other eps. but i do love musicals, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can you say “jumped the shark”. After the brilliant lockdown episode, the high point of Grey’s Anatomy, this will probably be the lowest point. It worked for Buffy because of the supernatural element and that is probably one of the best ever Buffy episodes. It worked for Scrubs because it’s a comedy. This sounds terrible though.

  5. I’m nervous about this. The reason Scrubs and Buffy worked is because their shows have a lot more humour and are not strict realism. Buffy – definitely works because it was a magic spell. Scrubs definitely worked because the premise of it is it’s impressionistic – you see JD’s reality, not reality itself. Greys is too straight for it. I’ll watch it, but I’m not anticipating loving it.

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