Matt Lucas defends Come Fly with Me

David Walliams and Matt Lucas have defended their new UK airport series Come Fly with Me after being accused of racist comedy.

The new show premiered in the UK over Christmas.

Twitter users got stuck into them writing: “Watching replay of Come Fly With Me. Black & White Minstrel Show comes to mind.”

Another viewer remarked: “Come Fly with Me. Weak, uninspired parody that stepped clumsily over the line into overt racism. Stupid and unfunny.”

Matt Lucas responded: “Comedy has a social function and part of that function is to ruffle feathers. But it’s not as scatological as Little Britain. There are no F-words or vomiting or peeing.

“Like in Little Britain we try to reflect, affectionately, the multicultural Britain we love. No offence is intended.”


Source: Digital Spy


  1. This show is f***ing awesome! Well done on commissioning a second series 🙂 a billion times better than little britain – and I thought that show was the bomb!

  2. I’m from Australia and I absolutely love this show.
    Its just a parody of those reality airline shows like ‘airport’ etc.
    The characters are all likeable and resemble actual people working at airports-with an observant comedy twist.
    TBH Little Britain was much more daring than this… I don’t know what people are complaining about.
    British Comedy is the best…..I wish Australia could come up with better comedy shows. The standard has really dropped.

  3. cv in Sydney Oz

    Have watched all 5 eps & saw it as a p*sstake / mockumentary of all those reality shows set in immigration/airports etc. On that basis, it is terrific. Some jokes will miss, but as a whole, it’s spot on.

  4. at the end of the day, many australians didnt like little britain because they didnt really understand the concepts, like most brits would. It is the same with this, british airports and imigration is a shambles compared to australia and theyre taking the pee out of it, i think its hillarious, but i have always found that with their work aswell as catherine tate 🙂

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