The Circle surprise

Fans of The Circle should tune in on Friday for a something a little bit different. Is Oprah about to drop by?

Fans of The Circle should tune in on Friday for a something a little bit different.

As the last live show of the year it’s a baby shower special, but there is a promise of a big surprise. Is Oprah dropping by?

….. hopefully it’s not just a name change like Nine did with PBL.

As The Circle celebrates a sensational first year, Chrissie, Yumi, Denise and the crew have been hard at work planning a special baby shower for Gorgi in what will be our last live show for 2010.

But it’s not just a baby shower for Gorgi….our entire studio audience will be filled with expecting parents, so it will be a baby shower for all!

Lots of our regulars and favourite guests will be joining us – Hamish & Andy, Colin Lane, Tim Campbell, Dave Hughes, Tim Ferguson, Claire Bowdich, Dave O’Neil, Ed Phillips, Marc Fennell, James Young, Emily Power, Kate Hopkins, Aleisha McCormack, George McEncroe and many, many more. We’ll also have a special performance from Kate Ceberano.

We can’t say too much more, other than there is going to be some VERY BIG surprises in store – this is one episode not to be missed!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoy this show, such a good energy between the hosts and such a good laugh! If Ten were smart they’d show a repeat (minus the infomercials) between the news and 7pm over the summer break.

  2. The Circle is pretty good it actually serprised me i thought it was going to be bad but it wasn’t. In that Photo Gorgi looks very hot love her most of all on that show. If Oprah does come on to the show then it will be interesting i hope they dont suck up but i am not holding my breath.

  3. I’m with you Catherine, I love the show. The ladies make me laugh every morning, they don’t have to try and ‘manufacture’ chemistry, like so many other morning shows.
    So, the show isn’t rocket science. If it doesn’t appeal to you, as with so many other shows, just don’t watch it 🙂

  4. I cant believe the negative comments. I think its nice that we have a show that you can watch where you see 4 friendly women who just click together on air and you can have a laugh with them. Its a refreshing show to watch.

    Also good luck to Gorgi and her impending arrival.

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