Airdate: $#*! My Dad Says. Returning: Two and a Half Men.

Nine has released the following airdates:

Monday January 31st.
7:30pm Two and a Half Men. New episode “The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel”
8:00pm $#*! My Dad Says. Premiere. Pilot.

Thursday February 3
7:30pm RBT. New episode.
8:00pm Getaway. New episode (30 min)

At this stage it isn’t clear if the Getaway trim is ongoing or not.

Remember ratings surveys don’t start until February 6th.


  1. I don’t mind Nine showing New 2.5 men every week but those old 7pm versions have to go Can you think of anyone else other than Qantas or Fox 8 that keeps on recycling the older episodes of the show.

  2. Well I like $#*! and Two and Half Men, but I also like a wide variety of comedy, Fawlty Towers, Hogan’s Heroes, Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served, Yes Minister and many more, does that make an idiot.

  3. The show is as the title suggests $#*!

    It started off ok but slipped after a couple of episodes. Nine would have been better airing Mike and Molly post Men not this show.

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